How To Get A Burlington Credit Card

Burlington provides a credit card to its retail stores’ loyal customers to easily fund men’s shoes, men’s clothing, and women’s fashion accessories around the world.

But how can you go about getting a Burlington credit card and who issues credit cards to Burlington in the first place?


The official bank for this card is Comenity Bank, and they issue the Burlington Credit Card. Read on as we bring you details about all that this card has to offer.

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Features and Benefits

The features and benefits you get with this card are vast. You’ll earn one point for every dollar you spend using a Burlington Credit Card in Burlington stores.

The rewards system only gets better the more you spend, too! Check out the rewards chart below to see what you could earn.

100 Points $5
500 Points $25
1,000 Points $50
2,000 Points $100

And you can rest assured knowing these rewards are exclusive to you as a cardholder.

Another special perk is that you get extended return opportunities on store items, even if you don’t have the receipt anymore, as well as a $5 bonus on all completed layaways.

How to Apply?

There are two ways to apply. You can apply for a Burlington Credit Card on the Burlington website, or you can visit any Burlington Store.

Here are the steps to apply online.

  • Visit the Burlington website
  • Navigate through the page and choose the “Create Account” button
  • Type in the username of your choosing
  • Enter the password of your choosing (be careful in this part, remember the password)
  • Type in the email address that you will use for your online account
  • Enter your phone number

After you’ve done all of that, navigate through the page, and you’ll see the “Create Account” button somewhere near the bottom. Click on that button, but please be advised that when you click on that button, you’ll be required to select “I agree with the terms and conditions”.

Who Is Eligible?

In order to apply for the Burlington Credit Card program, you have to meet the following criteria.

  • Be of legal age in your state or region
  • Be in possession of a legitimate, government-issued tax ID number
  • Have a lane, agricultural, or APO / FPO postal address (no PO box addresses)
  • Have a valid state ID issued by the state

Fees and Interest

The Burlington Credit Card offers excellent rates and benefits. Here are a few requirements you must meet in order to use your Burlington Credit Card. For further info on fees, contact a representative.

  • APR – 26.99%
  • Annual fee – none
  • Minimum interest charge – $2
  • Late fees – Up to $40
  • Returned payment fees – Up to $40
  • Alternative payment method fees – Up to $15

Bank Contact Info

To get in touch with Credit Card Customer Care, please call 1-877-213-6741 for any disputes you have. You’ll be put in touch with someone who can talk you through your situation until it’s resolved.

Burlington’s head office address for credit inquiries is Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 183003, Columbus, OH 43218-3003.


Applying for a Burlington credit card is easy and painless; you can apply online or in person. The requirements are not too high, so there’s a good chance you’ll get approved for the card.

Make sure to read all the terns carefully before applying and see if you qualify today!

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using credit. Consult the bank’s terms and conditions page for more information.