Delivery Driver – How to Find Available Jobs

Delivery drivers are not only necessary for logistics but also for delivering goods to businesses and consumers.

Most people would say that they receive goods or services from delivery drivers almost weekly, if not every day. People depend on these drivers to receive food deliveries from local restaurants, furniture, and Amazon shipments regularly.


As a delivery driver, you get to make good stuff happen for the people you deliver for. And, whether it’s a job right now or a starting point on a route to a broader shipping and logistics career, here’s what you need to get started finding a career in this field.

What Does a Delivery Driver Do?

Delivery drivers deliver goods or items on a route (such as packages) or on-demand (such as delivering food).


Their duty is to guarantee that the product is delivered to consumers in the most complete and efficient manner possible, minimizing any interruptions or delays.

Delivery drivers can operate around the clock, especially when businesses work on Sundays and over holidays to deliver products. Such changes will increase (depending on what they deliver) during holidays or other busy periods of the year.

The duties of a delivery driver can include the following, and this job type will vary depending on the types and quantities of products being delivered.

  • Load and unload trucks
  • Driving within a given area under various conditions of road or weather
  • Tracking and recording of shipments and deliveries
  • Troubleshooting customer complaints when there is a problem or harm
  • Maintenance of truck
  • Dealing with consumer payments
  • Treating food safely

Skills Needed for Success

As logistics specialists, distribution drivers must be timetable-oriented and customer-oriented.

Driving Skills

The key here is a valid license and a clean driving record.

Drivers who use cars for delivery do not need an exclusive license, but delivery drivers who work with box trucks or larger trucks will need to complete a training course and pass a particular CDL exam.

Customer Service Skills

No one appreciates receiving a damaged package or a pizza with the cheese adhered to the box top. It is the delivery driver’s responsibility to make sure that customers receive their orders exactly as desired.

Time Management Skills

Delivery drivers are always on the clock, regardless of what they supply. That means deciding optimal routes, controlling downtime, and keeping track of delivery hours.

Problem Solving Skills

Public transport is full of variables, as are driving-related matters. A flat tire or an angry customer can derail an entire schedule.

To fix issues on the run, a delivery driver should be well-versed or at least come up with a game plan that can help get things back on track.

How to Find Delivery Driver Jobs

Apply Through Job Boards Online

The first – and easiest – place to search for a delivery driver job is online. Check out the main job boards, such as the following.

Create a separate email address for work applications to make them easy to keep track of. Make sure you create a good CV (curriculum vitae) and add it to your account so employers can find you.

You also may see the same vacancies listed across multiple work boards. Write a list of each submission to prevent losing track of where you’ve already applied. That means you will not waste time applying for the same job twice!

Look at Job Posts in Newspapers

Online work sites are helpful to find multiple positions in one location – but you’re competing with a lot of candidates as well.

Therefore, also make sure to look at places like the local papers and even in the online employment section.

There you’re likely to see work adverts for smaller local companies that don’t have a huge budget to pay for an advertisement on the more prominent job portals.

If there are specific shops or restaurants in your area that you know offer a delivery service, also look at their social media and website.

Sign Up with Delivery Apps/Operators

If you’re interested in becoming a delivery driver or courier, you can directly approach companies that offer these roles.

Just browse through their app or website and register yourself as a rider/delivery driver. Some of these companies include the following.

Although some of the duties involved in serving as a delivery driver depend on what you deliver, the main aspects remain the same. You’ll have to be in good health and relatively physically fit, as you’ll be lugging lots of parcels all day long!


The job of a delivery driver covers a vast number of duties and obligations. Whether you deliver food, goods, furniture, or supplies, you will have a lot to handle day to day.

If you are interested in applying for a job in this field, check out some of the above job boards, and get started!