A DIY Guide on Doing a House Painting Job

Painting the walls of your office or home is probably to the easiest way to change the appearance of your surroundings. It’s probably also the cheapest especially if you opt to do the task yourself and not hire a painter. But don’t let this seemingly simple task fool you. Although many people have done it, many have also failed. Fortunately, here are a few simple steps you can follow to help you paint your walls like a true professional.

Prepare Your Wall

Before you go crazy and start splashing your wall with paint, make sure that the surface is smooth and clean. You can sand it then clean it with soap and water. Make sure to fill every hole and crack on the surface. The point here is to remove any imperfections on the wall. Doing so will not only make the paint stick to the wall more but also make the end-product look done once you done with it.


Prepare the Primer

Primers improve the adhesion and extend the quality of the top coat paint to your wall. For better results, you can try tinting your primer with by mixing it with a small amount of your topcoat. Just make sure that your paint and primer are made from the same solution such as latex or oil. Tinting the primer will make it easier for the top coat to hide the original colour of your wall.

Protect Your Floor

Wall, painting can be messy, especially for your floor. Most people use plastic covering for the floors, but the most efficient material is canvas drop cloths. Unlike plastic, the canvas is more durable and absorbs paint in a much better way. Plastic drop cloths tend to get slippery once it has been splattered with paint. Also, the canvas can be used over and over again and can be easily stored by folding it.

Use An Extension Pole

When painting the top portion of your wall, go for an extension pole instead of climbing a ladder. Extension poles can be easily attached to a paint roller as long as its handle has a threaded hole at the end. Once attached, you can extend it depending on the height of your wall. Doing this is more efficient than climbing and down a ladder, as you can move from one side of your wall to the next.


Protect Your Brushes and Rollers

Most of the time, painting all the walls of your house or office will take more than a day. However, leaving your brushes or rollers with paint on them overnight can render them useless once the paint dries.

To prevent this from happening, roll off or bush away from the excess paint once you’re done with using them. Then, using plastic food wrap, wrap up the rollers and brushes. Make sure to wrap them tightly to make them air-tight. After doing this, place the wrapped painting equipment inside the refrigerator overnight. Doing so will prevent the paint on the brushes and rollers from drying.

On the following day, make sure to remove the wrap before 30 minutes you start using them to make sure the strands are supple enough.


If you cannot do this, then it is better to hire a professional painter to get a professionally-looking wall painting. You can find them online.