Advantages of Outsourcing the Office Cleaning Service

Outsourcing of commercial cleaning services offers many advantages to business owners. For one, it reduces costs and increases efficiency. Hiring in-house cleaning staff takes time and monopolises significant resources that could otherwise be used for the development and support of the business. It allows reallocation of most of these resources to activities that help the company grow organically and to maximise their profits.

Save Time and Money

Hiring an in-house team to clean can be time-consuming. Personal problems can be difficult to manage as they consume significant resources and need adequate training. On the other hand, a specialised company hires and trains its employees, and has put in place procedures to provide a personal reserve for situations where one of the team was sick. The company contracted has no difficulty, no need to devote time to solving problems adjacent to main activity and has more resources available to satisfy customers and business partners.


According to the study “FMLink and Encompass Technologies Worldwide Outsourcing Survey,” 52% of business owners have low operational costs by outsourcing services. Also, “The International Facility Management Association (IFMA)” estimates that in-house cleaning services cost about 23% more than the services outsourced to a specialised company.

It is possible to save money by eliminating costs to employees (salaries, fees, bonuses and insurance) and by eliminating the costs for the acquisition of equipment and substances for cleaning.

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Directly Design Costs

Another advantage of outsourcing is the ability to directly design costs. A cleaning service company will operate default budget of each client, which means any potential problems there won’t be any unexpected costs or unmanageable.

Quality Services Respecting Standards

Professional team members are familiar with the latest equipment, have the best products and act based on rules and procedures, which streamlines the process. In addition, studies show that when using in-house personnel, standards of cleanliness are not often observed.

Also, an outsourced office cleaning service company can contribute to the image of “green” of your company using environmentally friendly cleaning products. In conclusion, outsourcing a service by a specialised company is a strategic business decision that brings numerous advantages.