Learn Why Business Internet is So Expensive

Today, most things are done virtually, meaning you don’t need to be physically present in a store to buy a product or get a plane ticket.

As a result, business internet connections are high in demand. Internet providers give various types of connections that include Cable, DSL, and fiber. 


The price of your business internet depends on the connection you choose and other features like the speed and a dedicated line. Read on to find out why business internet is more expensive than residential internet.

Learn Why Business Internet is So Expensive
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Most businesses require a fast speed internet to download files, complete transactions, and communicate with potential business partners and clients. 

Speed determines the price of the internet. For instance, a residential internet doesn’t require that much speed.

If it is a movie you are downloading, it can wait. The question is, can your clients wait?



If you are a business owner looking to invest in the internet, don’t be attracted by the cheap deals.

Of course, business people love to save so they would rather go for the cheapest item. A very cheap business internet might be very slow. 

In the end, a slow internet will cost much more in time and the reputation of your business. 

Static IP

Static IP is sometimes called a fixed address. It is ideal for the email server or the website that is hosting from your location. You can also use a static IP to connect to a whitelisted server, which helps you to use another business service. 

You can also use static IP to remotely control air conditioning, video cameras, and heating, at your business. 

All of these extra services will cost you money compared to basic internet packages with none of these benefits.


Parity is the identical upload and download speed that’s usually common in business internet. If you need to back up your data offsite or create and send content to clients, then internet speed is everything. 

This is opposed to residential internet that needs only the download speed ability to download movies and surf the web. 

However, in business, you need identical upload and download speeds. You will need to communicate with clients and it might require you to download or upload files and other documents.

Service Level Agreements

This is an agreement between a service provider and its customers, that stipulates the defining performance standards and services that the provider will offer.  

Service Level Agreements (SLA) help service providers to clarify performance issues and outages, as well as manage customer expectations. When these parameters are clear to clients, business owners’ SLAs are more binding compared to residential internet clients. 

This is because businesses have a lot at stake in case of a failed internet connection, which is why business internet is more expensive.

Learn Why Business Internet is So Expensive
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Last Word

Business internet is more expensive than residential internet because it requires faster speed. Both they download and upload speed should be identical, also known as parity. 

Business internet has many features like static IP and a more binding SLA. It’s important to undertake some research when finding the right internet package for your company. Whether you are working from home or own an entire office block, you will want to get your internet connection right.

Avoid deals that seem far more cheaper than the average business internet rate as this could leave you with a slower connection. Although this type of internet come with a high price tag, it will also save you and your employees a lot of time and hassle. Not only that, but it will also leave you clients feeling satisfied with your service.