Steps in Filing a Claim for Industrial Deafness

Deafness can be caused by several factors. It is usually brought about by age. On the other hand, it can also be caused by constant exposure to loud noises in the workplace.

Deafness caused by work-related noise exposure is called industrial deafness. If you suffered deafness because of the kind of environment you work in, then do not hesitate to file a claim for industrial deafness. This is as long as you can prove that your employer failed to provide a safe working space for everyone.


If you happen to be one of those who suffered from deafness, then you must know the steps that you should take.

Step 1: Identify The Main Reason For Your Condition

Before filing a claim for industrial deafness, you must be totally sure that the primary reason for your difficulty in hearing is due to your exposure to loud noises at work. To do this, you must schedule a visit to the nearest clinic in order to have your ears checked and get an accurate diagnosis. After the test, the cause of your hearing loss clearly be stated.

Step 2: Seek The Help Of A Reliable Professional

To make a successful claim, it is a great help if you seek the help of a trusted lawyer. It’s better to get someone who has experience in assisting people in claiming their industrial deafness compensation. This will make you more assured that you will get what you rightfully deserve.