Uniforms: Behavioral Modification Process

The train of thought that leaves every individual entity in a realm of mind control and making people work in condensed environments can be ideally related to the very analogy of people who wished to kill other people for the sake of land acquisitions. Teaching platforms are not just heaps of buildings rather are institutes which inject valor and veracity into students. This claim can be easily backed up with copious examples of people uniting in favor of abandoning the use of pre decided dress codes or in evident words the use of online corporate uniforms. While a fairly large amount of people would argue the essence and the emphasis of these uniforms, there are various sects of people who have contra positive thoughts.

Psychology explains the phenomenon of mind control on different levels; the first aspect is the effect of consequences and is known as behavioral modification. Humans perform actions according to their consequences, if the consequences prove to be beneficial, than the action if often repeated to obtain the same result. In wearing online corporate uniforms this can be coherently connected as to when for examples students are asked to wear uniforms and notice that the ones who don’t wear uniforms are punished, the consequence results in behavior being modified and initially making every one pawns of a big chess game.


The paradigm of these Uniforms has shifted its focus dramatically as students move forward in their educational endeavors. The proximities of wearing uniforms in many countries has been observed to be finished by the time the students reach their colleges, Researchers have wondered the reason behind is that the student reaches maturity where he can make decisions the mind than starts to consider consequences in different ways and thus modify the behavior again. The stage of college requires people to be freely dresses and resent uniforms consisting of bland ties and shirts and thus this factor drives out the essence of Uniforms in the first place

Out of the box thinking cannot be induced in any person, rather it can be validated as critical thinking but can only surface in a human mind on certain conditions or in the cases of severe adrenaline rushes.

Many conspiracy theorists have reached a stale mate upon organizations such as schools in forcing students to wear Uniforms as a gruesome act of mind control and making them operate on fixed patterns, fixed timings whilst eliminating the etymology of difference between robots and humans. This can severely damage a child’s ability to improvise in drastic conditions because of the diffusion of fixed patterns and solutions to only limited problems have been programmed in his mind. If these students are allowed to wear what they want even in their young age, it can have an effect on them which inculcates trust on these institutes and give them the shot at achieving certitude in the society rather than people harboring a grudge against them.