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We now live in a society where technology significantly influences nearly every aspect of our lives. As a result, tech professionals have become invaluable assets for companies in all sectors and industries.

In my experience, trying to find tech jobs online could be challenging because of the vast number of job sites that are available I believe that it has even become twice as hard to look for tech jobs in Canada.


That’s why I want to share a website called BetaKit and its platform for tech jobs in the country. I will discuss the job site’s features, finding jobs using the platform, and its other resources for job seekers.

  • What Is BetaKit?
  • Using the BetaKit Jobs Platform
  • Looking at the Search Results
  • Exploring the Job Posts
  • Applying to Jobs on BetaKit
  • Taking Advantage of Other Available Resources
Betakit - Look for Jobs Online
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What Is BetaKit?

To truly appreciate the jobs platform, I think it’s appropriate for me to first talk about BetaKit as a company. The job site is focused on tech jobs in Canada because BetaKit is a Canadian publication.

Betakit - Look for Jobs Online
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According to its website, it’s the only independent publication in Canada that reports on local startups and technological innovation. BetaKit features firms that track, finance, and establish these startups and tech companies.


What makes the online publication different from others is that it reports on what happens and discusses how these events are relevant to more significant trends in the industry.

More About the Company

The Toronto, Ontario-based publication was founded by Rob Kenedi and Sarah Prevette in2012. Aside from the online publication, BetaKit also publishes several newsletters, such as the AI Times and the FinTech Times.

In addition to the jobs page, the website also features podcasts on Canadian tech and innovation and global technology from the perspective of Canadians.


BetaKit also provides an open-source framework for conducting surveys and reporting on diversity in the tech community.

Using the BetaKit Jobs Platform

To access the BetaKit Jobs page, click on the Jobs menu on the website’s home page. Here, I immediately saw the search bar in the middle of the screen, where I can type in keywords for my search as well as  the work location I prefer.

Betakit - Look for Jobs Online
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Below it, I found the featured companies for the week. These featured companies are presented in tiles, and each tile offers a bit of information about the firms.

These details include the industry they belong to, the company’s location, and its size. Each tile indicates the number of available jobs in that company. I only needed to click on the View Jobs button to see these vacancies.

Other Features of BetaKit Jobs

Scrolling further down, I came across a section called Companies, which lists the companies with job posts on the site. To view all the companies, click on the View More button.

There’s also the Job Feed section, which shows a preview of the available vacancies on the platform. Click on the View More option to see the complete list of job opportunities BetaKit has to offer.

At the bottom of the Jobs page, I discovered a section called BetaKit Jobs Articles. It features several articles on topics like hiring practices and recruitment activities among tech firms in Canada, as well as career advice.

Looking at the Search Results

I tried doing a job search using the search bar, and the website automatically redirected me to the results page. Here I saw a list of vacancies relevant to the search terms I used.

Betakit - Look for Jobs Online
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The list appears on the left side of the screen, while the more significant part of the page is occupied by a preview of the main job post. I only needed to scroll down to see the rest of the results.

Each entry on the list offers some information about the vacancy, such as the name of the position, the recruiting company, and the location of the job.

Preview and Filters

Meanwhile, the preview I mentioned above shows the same information as the entries, plus a brief company description. There’s also an apply button and an option to see the full post.

I also used two filters to narrow down the search results. One is the Contract filter, which allows you to decide which types of job contracts, such as internship, part-time, and full-time contracts, will be included.

The other filter is the Date Posted filter, allowing me to only browse through the newer vacancies. You may choose to see jobs posted within the last 24 hours, seven days, or 28 days.

Exploring the Job Posts

Once a job post caught my interest, I only needed to click on that particular entry from the search results list, and it will open the original job post. The appearance of the job posts may vary depending on where the original entry was posted.

Betakit - Look for Jobs Online
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Posts are usually headlined by the company’s name followed by the name of the position and the work location. They also specify the type of contact the employer gives for the job and the area of expertise the vacancy belongs to.

I also learned more about the hiring company through the company description included in the job post. The job description discusses the activities that the role involves, such as working with clients and coordinating with other teams.

Other Available Job Details

Aside from the job description, the job posts I saw also discuss the duties and responsibilities the job entails. Examples are completing documentation, communicating with stakeholders, and providing growth opportunities.

No job ad will be complete without a list of the qualifications needed to be considered for the position. This list usually includes educational level, relevant experience, and both hard and soft skills needed to accomplish tasks.

I have encountered entries that specify the salary while others only provide a range for the pay. The application process may differ from one job post to another but they usually include an apply button.

Applying to Jobs on BetaKit

I learned that applying for a job through BetaKit would vary depending on the vacancy you’re interested in. Some job posts redirect to the company’s career page while others are linked to other job boards like Indeed.

Betakit - Look for Jobs Online
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Some of these websites may allow you to directly apply to the recruiting company. However, others may require you to create an account with them first before you’re able to proceed with the application.

In some cases, I also saw options to share the job posts via email or social media. Having this option is useful if the job is not for you but you know someone who’s qualified.

Getting Job Alerts

On the BetaKit Jobs platform, I found a way to get alerts for future jobs similar to the one I searched for. Click on the Get Alerts button and it will redirect you to an online form that you need to fill out.

You will be asked to provide your first and last name, email address, and location. You need to create a password with a minimum of six characters with at least one letter and one number in it.

Read the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Once you’re done, select accept and click on the Register button to finish your alert enrollment.

Taking Advantage of Other Available Resources

Another way of searching for jobs on BetaKit is through the Companies tab. Clicking on the Companies menu will open a different page where companies with existing job posts on the platform will appear.

Betakit - Look for Jobs Online
Image Source: BetaKit

Similar to the featured companies on the main page, the Companies section of the platform presents the firms as tiles with an image and the company name underneath it. It shows how many vacancies there are for each of the companies.

Clicking on the name of the company or View Jobs took me to a separate page that lists all the available jobs at the company. There is also a button that I can click to follow the company so I can get alerts on future openings.

Reading Articles on the Website

The Articles section of the website offers a lot of reading materials I can use to get information on tech companies actively hiring in Canada. There are also articles focused on giving career advice to tech professionals.

Just like the Jobs page, there is a search bar on top of the page, which I was able to use to look for certain topics. To use it, type in your keywords and choose the article category before clicking on the Search button.

Some of the topics that piqued my interest were tips for remote employee onboarding, branding strategies tech recruiters need to adopt, and rebranding yourself for a career change.


For tech professionals living in Canada, the BetaKit Jobs platform is an excellent tool to use when looking for vacancies across the country. It’s not every day that I encounter job sites that are dedicated both to tech and Canada.

Not using this platform would be a mistake and I can attest that you’d be missing out on some great opportunities in your field. Overall, I highly recommend the BetaKit job site.