Duties, Responsibilities, Skills and Specifications of a Logo Designer

Whatever career path you choose, you will always have duties and responsibilities. A plumber has his duties and responsibilities and the same is to be said for an electrician. That same thing goes for the industry of graphic design.

Being a logo designer, you will have to make the branding of businesses, companies and organisations. You also need to have the required skills to perform the job. You will also need to have specifications to excel in your chosen industry.


The logo design industry is not an industry of people who suddenly woke up one day and decided to become a logo designer. It is an industry of hard working people, people who strived to be the best in what they do and people who, day by day, learn to master their craft.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Create Layouts Using the Design Principles

A logo designer must follow certain principles in making anything on their job. This principle of theirs is equivalent to the plumbing code of a plumber or the electrical code of an electrician.


•    Work to Get the Most of What They Are Given Of

Being a logo designer, you would most probably get rough instructions from your employer. It is your duty to make the most of those instructions and produce the best product you could ever produce.

•    Create and Give the Clients What They Want or More


You will have to produce the best logo you can create for your clients. As someone who works in the industry, you will not do your job half-heartedly. No matter what ideas you have in mind, always do what the clients tell you to do. You may give suggestions, but it is their decision that will matter.

•    Provide Creative Solutions to Your Clients’ Graphic Problem

It is your job as a logo designer to be creative and imaginative. You will have to ensure that anything you create will help the business, company or organisation of your client.

•    Create Logos and Coordinate With Your Client

Always ask your clients what they think, though at most times you can think well than them when it comes to logo designing. Always consult with them and ask them if they agree with your ideas.

Skills and Specifications:

•    You must have an educational background in graphic design. Handling any job without

any proper education is proved to be disastrous.

•    As a logo designer, you must have a pleasing personality and effective communication

skills. You would be always working side-by-side with your clients and there is a certain aspect of your job that they do not understand. It is your priority that you make them understand what it is that you do.

•    Ability to manage your time. You must always do the work before the deadline and know how to prioritise jobs.

•    You must have a thorough knowledge of the tools needed in your trade. You must be knowledgeable in using software needed for your job. You must be able to know how to properly use the drawing materials, especially your art materials.

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