How to Make a Resume for Marketing Jobs – Free Samples

If you want to get a job in marketing, the first thing you need to do is make your CV stand out. The reason is that hiring managers are usually extremely busy, and unless your CV gets their attention, you most likely won’t be called.

However, the pressure to make an exceptional CV can be overwhelming, even for the most skilled professionals. Therefore, we have compiled some of the most useful CV tips for those seeking marketing jobs.


Here are a few ways that can improve your resume for higher chances in an interview.

Marketing Resume Example - Update Yours Now for 2020
Image Source: Novo Resume

Add Stats and Figures

When hiring managers review resumes, the first thing they are looking for is hard evidence of your strong performance. So, make sure you point it out during your current job or previous job.

Some examples of that might be that the site’s traffic grew because of campaigns on social media by x amount or SEO work that you’ve done. Email subscribers increasing or email open rates growing are some of the things to mention.


Improvements in conversion rates through tests such as page optimization and reduction of cost of acquisitions are also something to mention.

Just as numbers in advertising headlines improve CTR, these facts stand out in the CVs of those applying for a job in marketing.

Use a Striking Resume Template

Imagine the amount of CV’s that are reviewed by hiring managers. If your CV has a template that is a bit dull, it might just get looked at instead of actually read. Working a bit on your CVs’ design will make it stand out from other standard template resumes.


Keeping the main text black, but adding a bit of color here and there might give it a better overall look. Of course, this depends on the job you’re applying to, as it wouldn’t work very well with a medicine or law job. But for a marketing position, color is almost always better than black and white.

Two-column designs will make your CV easier to read, and different fonts are another way you can improve its looks. Of course, being too creative with fonts isn’t a very good idea, but here is a guide for the best and worst fonts for resumes.

A few free templates for marketing resumes can be found on LiveCareer and HubSpot.

Sharpen Your Skills Section

Resumes usually have a section that lists skills. Make sure you take advantage of that and don’t mention obvious skills such as Microsoft Office mastery; instead, specify things that actually matter.

You have to mention relevant skills to the job you are applying for. A lot of companies now use software that sorts CVs. If your resume doesn’t have at least some of the keywords from the job description, it will never end up on the manager’s desk. It just won’t go through their software.

Managers will look for three specific things, usually.

  1. Experience in specific techniques and channels – Make sure that your resume lists the skills mentioned in the job description. For example, SEO manager jobs will need to have keyword research and link building listed. After making sure you cover those, you can list any other skills you have, as the company might be considering them a bonus.
  2. Experience in specific software platforms or tools – Once again, have a look at the job description and see if the company is looking for something specific. List the software and tools used in order to accomplish the techniques mentioned above.
  3. Experience in operating systems and coding languages – You should list all the programming languages you are familiar with, even the older ones like HTML, as well as content management systems and operating systems.

If you have any relevant awards or marketing certifications, they are certainly worth mentioning.

Usually, in the skills section, you shouldn’t be vague or express yourself in a general matter. Try to be explicit about your skills and be detailed when talking about your abilities. If you list only classic old school things like having the ability to multitask, it will definitely not impress your reader.


All these facts are things you might want to talk about or mention during the interview to impress, but these are the things that get you the interview in the first place.

Add them up to a different template and add a bit of color, and your CV will undoubtedly stand out and heighten your chances for an interview.