$900K AI Tech Job at Netflix: Discover This and More Tech Jobs to Apply Online

The use of AI or artificial intelligence in today’s modern world has changed the way we function as a society. We are now entering a new era of AI technology. More and more industries are using AI including movies and television. This has come into contention with the ongoing historical strike in Hollywood as AI has become a dominating force behind creativity and how the industry functions as a whole.

In the latest news, Netflix, a popular streaming website has recently posted for an AI expert that will join its Machine Learning Platform team which helps viewers pick new programs to watch. The position itself pays up to a whopping $900,000 a year which has further fueled the debate about AI and its importance in today’s modern society. If you’re wondering what the 900K AI Tech Job at Netflix is and how you can apply for other tech jobs online, check out the article below to learn more.

Generative AI and Netflix

Streaming service titan Netflix is currently looking to hire an artificial intelligence expert to join their Machine Learning Platform team that pays as much as $900,000 a year amid an ongoing strike against the use of AI in movies and television.

The job posting is described as creating product experiences that have never been done before which raises a few eyebrows as to how the AI functions.


The job description also mentions that the position enables the AI to study and give out recommendations on which new shows to watch which helps with the marketing of a certain show or movie without the use of human interaction.

The job focuses more on giving more input to the Machine Learning Platform that Netflix has been using but this time, it is geared towards optimizing content creation.

How It Affects the Movie and Television Industry

It is no secret that generative AI has been a point of contention for both Hollywood writers and actors. A long list of Hollywood executives including those at Netflix want to incorporate AI in creating new content.


This is where the problem now lies as many writers and actors are against the use of AI for many reasons. Generative AI can create a script for a full season of television shows which can replace the hard work and creativity of many television and movie writers today.

Small role actors such as background actors are also being forced to sign off on a contract that enables AI to make copies of their images to be used in many other shows or movies without having to pay them for their appearance.

What is the Job All About

One would have to ask the question if a 900K salary for a Product Manager role for a Machine Learning Platform is even real or achievable but the thing is, it is very real. Netflix has provided more information about the job description.


The main responsibilities of the product manager are to improve the streaming service’s machine-learning platform, integrate AI into the platform, and optimize content creation.

Netflix has mentioned that since it has more than 230 million subscribers in over 190 countries, the need for AI will help shape the future of entertainment and allow for the personalization and optimization of other departments outside of content creation as well including payment processing and other revenue-focused programs.

Benefits of AI in Movie and Television

AI has demonstrated its capacity to improve and help across different industries but it is still far inferior against human creativity. This is the reason why there are a lot of constraints within the movie and television industry about the use of AI.

What many people do not know is that AI is also beneficial to both movies and television shows and has already been used to this very day. The film and entertainment industry can use the data from AI to enhance storylines, develop characters better, and improve audience engagement.

This contributes to more engaging, compelling, and relatable content that viewers can relate to. This is what Netflix might be trying to aim for with the current role that they are looking for.

Check Out These Other Netflix Tech Jobs

The Product Manager role is not the only role that Netflix is currently hiring for.

There are many other tech jobs that the streamer is busy exploring and looking for people to fill these positions. Check out more tech jobs that you can apply online.

Machine Learning Scientist

The Machine Learning Scientist role aims to develop algorithms that enable localization for many of Netflix’s content. This will help provide resolutions to problems with localization and global entertainment.

In addition, you get to work with language experts, engineers, product managers, and scientists. With this role, your responsibilities include providing innovation in Machine Learning, presenting your research to the entire company, and working closely with engineers and stakeholders.

You should have a deep knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning with an MS or Ph.D. in ML to be hired for this position.

Senior Analytics Engineer – Messaging

The role of Senior Analytics Engineer – Messaging aims to improve the Netflix messaging program.

This means that you will need to design and collaborate with engineers, product designers, researchers, and product managers to enhance the Messaging experience and identify various opportunities for improvement while also creating solutions.

For this role, you must be highly skilled in SQL, have experience in building data visualization, be proficient in scripting languages such as JavaScript and Python, and more.

Engineering Manager, Machine Learning, Member Satisfaction

Another AI job opening from Netflix is the Engineering Manager, Machine Learning, Member Satisfaction role wherein you work in collaboration with many experts in the field such as behavioral scientists, application engineers, and machine learning researchers.

The role aims to provide a satisfying experience for subscribers regarding their overall experience with the streaming platform. Whether it is for new show recommendations or how subscribers consume the content on the platform, it is up to you to provide satisfaction.

They will require you to have 10 years of total experience with 5 years of engineering management and experience building and leading a team of ML researchers and engineers.


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The rise of AI is certainly causing a lot of concerns regarding the stability of many people’s jobs especially in the tech industry. While many still worry that AI might replace them, there is still an advantage in how humans are still superior to AI and that we can exist together. The job openings alone are great evidence that AI still needs humans to function properly and that there are certain roles that AI simply cannot replace.