Job Opportunities at Citigroup – Learn How to Apply

Citigroup Inc. is a prominent financial and banking company. It was designed to be a group of businesses that work together worldwide and serve a wide range of customers.

On six continents and in over 100 different nations, its staff manages 200 million customer accounts


Below you’ll find information about working with Citi, including job descriptions, benefits, and average annual pay. Read on for details about how to apply for jobs at Citigroup.

  • What Is Citigroup?
  • What Are Citi’s Businesses?
  • What Are the Available Career Paths at Citi?
  • What Are the Perks of Working at Citigroup?
  • Does Citi Promote Inclusivity in its Workplace?
  • How Can You Apply for a Job at Citi?
Job Opportunities at Citigroup - Learn How to Apply
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What Is Citigroup?

Citi is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company with its main office in New York City. In 1998, Citicorp, a big bank, and Travelers Group, a significant financial company, joined forces to form the company.

Job Opportunities at Citigroup - Learn How to Apply
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Citigroup is the parent company of Citicorp, which is the holding company for Citibank and many other international subsidiaries. Citigroup is the United States’ third largest bank.


According to the Financial Stability Board, it is a systemically important bank, and it is often said that it is too big to fail. The Bulge Bracket has nine investment banks, and Citi is one of them.

Citigroup has about 200 million customer accounts and more than 204,000 employees who work in more than 160 countries. Citi’s goal is to be a trusted partner to our clients by offering responsible financial services that help the economy grow and move forward.

What Is Citigroup’s Company Mission? 

Citi’s main jobs are to protect their client’s assets, lend them money, make payments, and give them access to the capital markets. Citi has been helping people solve the most complex problems and take advantage of the best opportunities in the world for 200 years.


The bank promises to keep people’s savings safe and help them buy things that will improve their lives, like food or a house. It lets people buy stocks and bonds and advises investing in things like your children’s education and retirement.

Citi helps businesses improve how they run daily, whether they need working capital, want to pay their employees, or want to sell their goods in other countries. It also gives large and small businesses loans to help them grow.

What Are Citi’s Businesses? 

Citi has connected people from many cities and countries for more than 200 years. Every day, they do this for millions of people. This is made possible by the bank’s world-class global network

Job Opportunities at Citigroup - Learn How to Apply
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Citi has offices in 95 markets and works with customers in more than 160 countries and regions. It offers consumers, businesses, governments, and institutions a wide range of financial services and products. This helps them take advantage of the best things the world offers and deal with its hardest problems.

The bank has five main businesses: Services, Market, Banking, Global Wealth Management, and US Personal Banking. Institutional Clients Group is in charge of the first three: Services, Market, and Banking.

Citi’s Personal Banking & Wealth Management group is in charge of Global Wealth Management and US Personal Banking.

Where Does Citi Have Locations?

Citi’s leading businesses and customer service are supported by workers at strategic sites around the world. Each Citi office houses a unique set of firms and employees. Therefore, a wide variety of options are available to you in addition to your regular team projects.

There are many opportunities for cross-functional growth at Citi, thanks to the wide variety of jobs and teams. Working with us will provide you with the opportunity to join our groups and make a positive impact in the areas where you live and work.

Citi has offices and operations in these regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and North America.

What Are the Available Career Paths at Citi? 

At Citi, Talent Acquisition, Transformation, and Finance are some of the best places to work. You can search for specific job openings in each career area on the bank’s official website.

Job Opportunities at Citigroup - Learn How to Apply
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On the Job Search page, you can see all the jobs Citi offers. Citi needs people with other skills and backgrounds, so there will be a place for you. Here are some career areas you can look for jobs at Citi.

  • Accounting
  • Applications Development
  • Banking
  • Architecture
  • BCMA Capital Markets
  • BCMA Corporate Banking
  • BCMA Investment Banking
  • Business Analysis
  • Corporate Services
  • Customer Service
  • Cyber/Information Security
  • Talent Acquisition

How Do You Search for Jobs at Citi?

When you go to Citi’s official website, you can immediately see all the open jobs. But there may be too many job postings for you to handle. So, the best thing to do is to sort the job ads.

First, you have to choose the type of job you want. Then, list the level (entry-level, internship, etc.) and the kind of job (on-site, remote, hybrid).

It is also important to sort the job postings by region or location to look for openings at the Citi office closest to you.

What Are the Perks of Working at Citigroup?

Citi employees work daily to help financially and socially in the communities it serves. In exchange, the bank puts its employees first and gives them the best benefits possible to stay healthy, live well, and save money.

Job Opportunities at Citigroup - Learn How to Apply
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It’s not enough to be healthy to live well. You also need to be able to pay your bills. Citi offers a wide range of benefits and tools to help you save money and stay healthy in all parts of your life.

Citi gives you the tools you need to meet your specific needs, gives you the freedom to make good decisions, and helps you take care of your finances so you can plan for your future.

Citi has programs and services for your physical and mental health, like access to telehealth, health advocates, confidential counseling, and more. However, coverage varies from country to country.

What Are the Other Perks of Working at Citi?

The institution thinks that all new parents should have time to get used to being parents and get to know their new children. Because of this, all Citi employees worldwide introduced a new Paid Parental Leave Policy at the start of 2020.

Citi also gives its workers the tools to care for their money and plan for the future. Citi gives you access to a wide range of learning and development tools that can help you improve your skills and knowledge as your career progresses.

Paid time off packages is just one of the ways that the bank helps its employees balance work and life. Citi gives its employees access to tools that can help them where they live and work. In 2019, people who worked for Citi worldwide volunteered for more than a million hours.

Does Citi Promote Inclusivity in its Workplace?

Citi encourages its employees to think about where the company works and the people it helps. It makes the workplace a place where people can feel safe bringing their whole selves to work daily.

Job Opportunities at Citigroup - Learn How to Apply
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Citi is where everyone can thrive and move up in their careers because the culture is one of belonging and acceptance. It goes beyond what the bank values, and the different identities, backgrounds, and experiences each employee brings to work daily.

Citi is committed to creating a culture of inclusion where everyone is encouraged to do well, no matter their race, ethnicity, or any other factor of diversity. I

t also wants the best people from all over the world to be excited about joining them, motivated to stay, and given the tools they need to do well.

What Is a Citi Employees’ Average Salary?

Citigroup, Inc. pays its employees an average of $103,000 per year, according to PayScale. At Citigroup, Inc., the average salary ranges from $40,000 to $220,000 per year. 

The job at Citigroup, Inc. that pays the most is Senior Vice President (SVP), Operations, with an average annual salary of $153,474.

The job that pays the least is Compliance Analyst, with an average salary of $52,868 per year. When you work in the banking industry, there are a variety of lucrative positions you can take advantage of. 

How Can You Apply for a Job at Citi?

Start by learning more about Citi and what it has to offer. You can look for your dream job and apply for it on Citi’s website.

Job Opportunities at Citigroup - Learn How to Apply
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Check out the jobs that Citi is hiring for and find the one that’s best for you. You can save jobs that interest you and upload your resume and cover letter.

Creating an account makes the application process more manageable and gets you closer to joining the Citi team. When you click “Submit,” Citi will give your application the attention it needs.

Response times vary, so check the job portal frequently to see what’s happening with your application.

What Is the Interview Process at Citi?

Citi recruiters call some of the applicants they are interested in as the first step in the interview process. From there, they’ll be able to tell you what to do next and if you’ll be able to talk to the hiring manager.

In the second step, the bank will find out more about you because your skills match what they want. Your recruiter will set up interviews with your possible future manager and team members.

These interviews can happen in person at a Citi office or online through a video call. Soon, your recruiter will get in touch with you. They will contact you to make an offer, tell you more about the job, and answer any questions you have about working at Citi.


It is estimated that across the Institutional Clients Group and Personal Banking & Wealth Management divisions of Citigroup, there are close to 200 million customer accounts. Join Citi, and you’ll get to help build this network of clientele.