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With the ever-changing economy and the constant move towards innovation and development, it could be said that tech jobs across the world are definitely here to stay. In particular, many individuals are thinking of moving to places where tech jobs are thriving. One of these places is Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is one of the fastest-growing cities in the whole of Canada. Apart from offering people access to a high standard of living and a community to rely on, it also helps that the salary is quite competitive across various economies and sectors in the province, especially in the field of tech. 


Individuals who are interested in finding employment opportunities in the tech sector would certainly appreciate ThinkSask. Get to know this platform today and how job seekers can leverage this in achieving their dream. 

  • What Is ThinkSask?
  • How the Platform Helps Jobseekers
  • A Rich Resource for Individuals
  • Finding a Tech Job Through the Platform
  • How to Apply for a Job
ThinkSask – Look for Tech Jobs Online
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What Is ThinkSask?

ThinkSask is actually a government initiative created by the Saskatchewan administration. The program was designed to usher in economic growth and development through the investments and businesses of companies and individuals who are eager to explore what the province has to offer. 

ThinkSask – Look for Tech Jobs Online
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By extension, it can be said that is a dedicated website that is created by the Government of Saskatchewan that is designed to help bring information to the world. 


Apart from interested businessmen and investors, this platform is also dedicated to highlighting job opportunities across the area. 

How Does the ThinkSask Platform Work?

ThinkSask provides individuals, including jobseekers, access to tons of detailed insights in and about Saskatchewan. Here, people can see what living in the province is like, the type of entertainment and recreation that the cities in this location have to offer, and the latest happenings in the area. 

Moreover, the platform also gives potential investors and businessmen an overview of the economic landscape of Saskatchewan, as well as the booming markets and current policies in place. 


However, ThinkSask is more than just a website where people can learn more about the place. It also serves as a job search platform for those wanting to find tech jobs in the province. Job seekers can use the job search tool to apply and be matched across the various employers in the province. 

How the Platform Helps Jobseekers

As mentioned, the ThinkSask website bears numerous functions and offerings. This particular approach will cater to job seekers who are thinking of upping and moving their lives in search of greener pastures in Saskatchewan. 

ThinkSask – Look for Tech Jobs Online
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One of the highlights of the ThinkSask platform is that promotes programs such as the Tech Talent Pathway, otherwise known as the Immigrant Nominee Program of Saskatchewan. This particular initiative is geared toward highly skilled tech professionals who want to start their careers in the area. 

What’s great about the ThinkSask platform is that it is easy enough for job seekers to use and explore. The website is user-friendly and allows individuals to readily see some of the career opportunities that have been recently posted. The different categories of discussion are also carefully arranged under the menu button. 

Supportive Educational Institutions

In addition to the aforementioned program, those who want to further their educational attainment and boost their knowledge can attend prestigious universities in the province such as the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 

Each of these learning institutions prepares students to join the workforce by equipping them with ample knowledge and hands-on experiences in various aspects and sectors. 

These include climate change research, energy, technology, and biotechnology, to name a few. 

A Rich Resource for Individuals

Those who want to get a glimpse of what living in Saskatchewan, Canada is like will be glad to know that ThinkSask has already covered this area. Here, people can readily view different facets of living in the province, from the economy, the quality of life, cost of living, community, laws, and even fashion. 

ThinkSask – Look for Tech Jobs Online
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Besides getting an overview of what it is like to live in this part of Canada, it’s also worth noting that the ThinkSask website also covers the opportunities that await interested immigrant farmers and entrepreneurs—from agriculture to food processing and everything in between. 

This is great for job seekers who want to take charge of their own life and want to become businessmen. There are even resources that users can turn to to help them jumpstart their business in Saskatchewan.

Jobseekers and aspiring businessmen aren’t the only target market of the government. As a matter of fact, those who find Saskatchewan’s economic landscape to be inviting can invest as well. Some of the sectors that are looking for investors include manufacturing, energy, mining, technology, and forestry. 

Getting to Know All the Latest Developments

Speaking of ThinkSask as a rich resource, it goes without saying that this government initiative informs people of the latest events and happenings in the province. These mainly touch on Saskatchewan’s highlights, such as the mining industry, energy projects, and many others. 

Some of the latest news posted on the dedicated news section includes the introduction of new legislation that seeks to attract skilled workers to the province, funding projects that aim to boost indigenous involvement, and the economic milestones that Saskatchewan has attained recently. 

Those who are only interested in tech-related news may also read about the technology companies highlighted on the page, such as Raven Industries, Co.Labs,, and many others. These features give job seekers an overview of what these firms are like and what they have to offer. 

Finding a Tech Job Through the Platform

The tech industry is undoubtedly booming in Saskatchewan, so it comes as no surprise that many individuals are interested in trying to enter the sector. Thankfully, ThinkSask makes it easy for interested individuals to find a job in the industry in this particular province. 

ThinkSask – Look for Tech Jobs Online
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Individuals who want to see the jobs posted on the website should visit the ThinkSask careers page. This will direct them to career opportunities within the technology sector. This means that job seekers can grab opportunities in different cities across Saskatchewan and across varying employers. 

Once they are already on the jobs page, individuals can see available jobs that have been recently posted. They can browse through these postings until they find a job opportunity that appeals to them and they want to apply to. 

As of writing, there are only six pages that users can browse, making it easier for them to look through the open positions. 

Using the Filter to Refine Your Job Search

Unfortunately, ThinkSask does not have a job search function where jobseekers can input their desired keywords, positions, or companies. However, the platform does have filters that users can turn on to finetune their job search results. 

To utilize these filters by category, jobseekers should click on the plus (+) sign on the bar which contains the ‘filter by job category.’ This will allow them to choose jobs based on the position of the relevant postings. 

The categories that users can choose from include computer and information systems managers, computer engineers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, database analysts and data administrators, electrical and electronics engineers, software engineers, and web designers and developers. 

How to Apply for a Job

Unlike other job search websites, ThinkSask does not allow direct applications using its platform. Instead, it instructs users to follow instructions depending on what the employer wants. Bear in mind that each company’s application procedures vary. 

ThinkSask – Look for Tech Jobs Online
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Once job seekers have found the job they want to apply for, all they need to do is to tap on it and it will direct them to another page, SaskJobs, a partner website of ThinkSask. This page opens to the description of the job in question, including the job order, employer name, the date of posting, and the location. 

Apart from this, candidates can also see the number of positions available, the deadline for application, the employment terms, the job description, and the responsibilities that come with it. The requirements and qualifications are also posted on the same page. 

Those who want to proceed with the application should see the ‘how to apply’ section posted on the same page. Usually, these require candidates to email the contact person of the employer and send their resume. Qualified individuals will be contacted by the company. 

Tips on How to Use the ThinkSask Platform

Jobseekers who are keen on finding tech jobs in Saskatchewan and its cities should take the time to browse the page and read through the job postings to see if there are any possible openings that interest them. To make it easier, utilizing the filters on the page is best to narrow down the results.

Another helpful tip for those wanting to live and work in the province is to read through the articles and features on what Saskatchewan is like. This way, they can gain a deeper grasp of what the cities are like, what they can do, and if the province is right for them. 

The Bottom Line

Technology jobs abound in Saskatchewan, Canada. With the booming sector not going anywhere anytime soon, finding jobs within the sector will be relatively easy, especially with the help of ThinkSask and its wealth of resources. 


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