Learn How to Find a Remote Job

Let’s face it — not everyone is fit for a structured, 9-5 style job. Thankfully, there are other work styles that cater to a variety of lifestyles.

If you care for children, a parent, or another family member, handle a chronic health problem, or cope with a difficult situation that makes it impossible to appear at an office every day, there is no reason you should be excluded from the paid workforce.

However, how do you find paid employment that is versatile enough to match all the other demands of your authentic life? The response to that is straightforward: a remote job.

Why Get a Remote Job?

The value of being in the same physical office as your colleagues is becoming less relevant by the year due to a growing automated workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the proportion of American workers doing at least part of their jobs remotely rose from 19% in 2003 to 22% in 2016.


Things get a little murkier when it comes to asking how to find remote jobs online and how to start remote careers. Remote work is the future, but not all employers are there yet.

While it’s easier to get a job sitting behind a desk, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get paid for doing work from your own living room.

In-Demand Remote Job Roles

Web Development

Web Developers, often Front End Developers, are commonly associated with the tech industry. Using various coding languages, these computer programmers transform web designers’ concepts and templates into functional websites and applications.


Web developers are one of the industry’s more conventional “techy” positions. If you’re new to computers and coding, this is probably not a good option. Still, coding does have much more to do with problem-solving tenacity and research skills.

According to Indeed, the average entry-level front-end web developer makes $61,512 a year for full-time work in the US, while senior front-end developers (3 + years of experience) average $108,409 per annum.

Digital Marketing

You may wonder, what exactly is digital marketing? It’s not that different from conventional marketing. It’s digital, which means digital marketing is unique to the goods and services that are sold online.


Jobs in digital marketing may take the form of any of the following.

  • Content Marketers: digital marketing strategists trained in writing and editing with some knowledge of best practices in SEO and social media
  • SEO Specialists: search engine optimization specialists-the process of optimizing the ranking of a website in search engine results such as Google
  • Social Media Managers: digital marketing strategists, usually across several channels, develop and participate in a follow up of social media

According to Indeed, entry-level digital marketing positions have an average salary of $40,363, while mid-level roles typically earn around $63,502.

How to Find a Remote Job

Use Job Boards or Job Hunting Websites

Many job platforms lack an effective “remote work” filter, often resulting in prolonged searches through freelance positions and similar gigs. Nonetheless, certain job boards specialize in filtering and exclusively display remote opportunities.

Flexjobs provides full-time, part-time, and even some jobs ideal for finding your way into a freelance business startup. Companies are eligible to post jobs, but applicants must pay $14.99 monthly for the service. The $14.99 is a small price for accessing their listed work opportunities.

In addition to their paid services, they offer numerous free resources for those seeking remote work. While most platforms discussed primarily feature tech jobs, Flexjobs presents job listings from various industries. Also, Flexjobs continues to have new updates, and job posters usually get back to you shortly after you’ve submitted them.

There are many other similar job sites out there, but Flexjobs is a great place to start.


Take time to create your profile on the job board listed above. Also, take time out of your day to find the right opportunities you need to work remotely.