Ten Tips To Make A Dirty Office A Thing Of The Past

Office cleaning, besides resulting in the obvious clean office, also has other benefits. A clean office improves the disposition of the staff and increases productivity. Your clients will also feel more welcome into a clean and inviting office and will feel more comfortable undertaking a working relationship with you.

Organize your paperwork. Paperwork that is scattered haphazardly all over the place is frustrating and can make the task at hand take that much longer to complete. Knowing where to look when you need something will make your life so much easier and prevent unnecessarily irritation and frustrations.

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The area which in the public area in your office such as the waiting room for potential customers needs to be immaculate at all times. This is the first impression these customers will get of your company. They will feel more comfortable working with people who take pride in their environment than with staff that don’t seem to care. The area should be dust free and the carpets regularly vacuumed. The air should be fragrant and fresh and inviting.

Your working area is just as important. Dusting and vacuuming should be done every day. Your woodwork should be polished regularly and the computer equipment cleaned and this includes the cables. A clean environment is conducive to good work and without those allergens floating around, you are less likely to have staff off work due to allergies or respiratory disorders.

The bathroom can be a hive of infections and bacteria. Disinfecting your bathroom provides a healthy environment for your staff to work in and it also just looks that much more professional. Office cleaning is not a simple task and there are areas that must be closely attended to such as the ablution facilities and the kitchen area. The kitchen area needs to be spotless, this is where your staff prepare their food which gives them sustenance to work. It is very easy to pick up germs and bacteria in an unclean kitchen and these germs and bacteria will compromise everything in that kitchen.


Electronic items gather dust, grime and oil deposits from your skin. These areas are often overlooked during the office cleaning process but are in fact extremely important when trying to obtain that clean, fresh and appealing work environment. Electronic items can be a breeding ground for bacteria, causing illness and resulting in loss of productivity.

Office rubbish accumulates at a rapid pace and no office cleaning process is complete until the rubbish has been removed. Leaving rubbish to accumulate can cause odors and bacteria growth as well as attracting nasty pests into the workplace. Rubbish must be taken out every day. A clean office is not clean with an infected dustbin full of rubbish.

In order to obtain the clean, fresh working environment your staff and clients deserve, laziness is not an option. If you are going to do it, do it properly. Hiring a professional office cleaning service is sometimes an option that saves you time and money and is worth looking into.


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