3 Things to Do When You Lose Your Keys

How big of a problem is it to lose car keys? It’s certainly a very big problem. You certainly don’t want to experience this problem especially in a very inconvenient place and time. Unfortunately, lost car keys may happen to anyone, anywhere and at any given time. Therefore, it’s a must that you do something as soon as it happens. Here are the things you should do when you lose your keys:

Look for it at Unexpected Places


The first thing you must do is to look for it. You must always stay calm in this situation as panicking won’t do you any good. It could be in places you didn’t expect it to be. The list includes the bathroom, the garage, the fridge or even under the sofa. If you lose your keys in the mall or any commercial establishment, ask assistance from the guards. You can also go straight to the lost and found section to see if someone surrendered it there.

Check Your Car

If you’re in a public place, you or one of your companions guard your car. It would be best if you assign someone to look after your car while you’re trying to find your lost keys. You must never leave your car unattended, you never know who will find it. You would not want to judge anyone, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You’ll eliminate the feeling of worrying you may get your car stolen by keeping an eye on it.

Contact a Locksmith

If you’re sure you completely lost car keys, better call an emergency locksmith right away. He’ll use handy tools in unlocking your car without damaging it. It would be ideal to keep the contact number of the 24-hour locksmith. This way, you’ll ensure that there is someone to rescue you when you encounter a problem like that.