Get Oriented With Screen Printing Procedure

Screen printing is a process in which with the use of mesh stretched out to a kind of wooden frame and of course the printing mediums like the ink and many others, an image will be imprinted to a certain material like a shirt, banners and still many others. This kind of printing is the traditional type like this is the type of printing utilized before in your great-grandfathers’ time. With this kind of printing, only one color can be used in every frame thus if the image needs more than one colors, then it goes without saying that you also need to create a number of frames. Though this is a traditional type of printing but still this is still practiced today and in fact, there are still some businesses that are using this. There is no denying though that compared to digital printing, this is a bit slower though when it comes to quality, this might still be arguable.

Below are some of the most common reasons why this type of printing is still greatly used:


– Compared to digital printing, it is said that visually, screen printing still generates better results. This is because the edges are more defined, and another is the fact that the ink used in screen printing also absorbs deeper and can even be applied thicker so that the result is more lasting and therefore more durable. So, from this alone, you can see that screen printing is still better in a way. Where can you find the best screen printing in Perth? 

– The good thing with screen printing is it can produce large quantities quickly compared to the digital printing method. And besides, since the frame is customizable, you can also easily print even large sized images which is not applicable all the time for digital printers since it is limited to the one you have and buying another machine for just one order is definitely not practical. So, you can say that screen printing is more affordable and even more practical.

– And with the use of screen printing method, you can accommodate almost all orders for almost all materials like for banners, mugs, posters, hats and still many others. Thus screen printing can be said to be really versatile.

– Because of the ability of the screen printing inks that are water based and blended well with any material used, your work will last longer and therefore, you can expect more customers that are highly satisfied with your work. Aside from that, you can also incorporate other materials so that your outputs will be resistant to scratches, UV rays, moisture and chemicals. Because of this feature, your products are expected to last for more years than usual.

The bottom line here is, with the use of screen printing method, you will be able to enjoy an efficient way of printing thus if it is for a business, there is a good chance of you garnering more customers if you will use screen printing method instead.