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Working remotely is something that many of us want to do but the stigma that remote jobs don’t provide job security holds us back. This is understandable as remote work in the past was mostly freelance in nature. But in the last few years, the landscape has changed for this sector.

Established companies and multinational firms are now offering flexible work arrangements and work-from-home options because of the easier access to stable and fast internet and the after-effects of the global health crisis. One such company is telecoms network infrastructure giant, CommScope.


In this article, I will discuss CommScope, its business, hiring process, and the available remote jobs at the company. I will also discuss how to apply to vacancies at CommScope, as well as the benefits that CommScope employees enjoy. If you want to know more, keep reading the article below.

  • Understanding the Concept of Remote Work
  • Choosing to Work Remotely
  • Getting to Know CommScope as a Company
  • Looking at CommScope as an Employer
  • Flexibility Offered by CommScope
  • Exploring CommScope’s Hiring Process
CommScope - See Online Jobs Available
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Understanding the Concept of Remote Work

Although remote work has existed for quite a while now, it truly entered the spotlight after several companies were forced to implement work-from-home setups due to lockdowns from the health crisis.

CommScope - See Online Jobs Available
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Remote work is based on the concept that employees are capable of accomplishing their tasks anywhere that’s comfortable for them as long as they are able to access their company’s system, typically by using the internet.


Remote workers are able to do their duties as employees even beyond the confines of offices. 

They gain more work-life balance because they save valuable time and energy that they would normally spend on commuting.

Remote Working Methods

While most remote workers do their jobs at home, some opt to go to nearby places like cafes if their living spaces do not have the ideal work environment to accomplish their tasks. 


Coworking spaces have also gained popularity among remote workers. These are facilities that serve as a hub where people like remote workers, freelancers, and owners of SMEs can complete their workday or conduct their business.

The extreme version of remote workers are digital nomads who integrate their jobs into their lifestyles. They travel around the world, going from one place to another, while working their job at the same time, literally from anywhere.

Choosing to Work Remotely

The most common reason why some people choose remote jobs over traditional office work is flexibility. Remote work offers a more flexible schedule for employees since they don’t need to go to the office.

CommScope - See Online Jobs Available
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I don’t know anyone who would say they want to spend their entire day working but I know a lot of people who want to do other things besides work, such as becoming parents or taking up a master’s degree.

Remote workers have the flexibility to adjust their work schedules earlier or later depending on what they need to accomplish that day, such as going to a doctor’s appointment or picking up their kids from school.

Mental and Physical Health Benefits

According to a Royal Society for Public Health study, remote workers experience improved health and wellness and exhibit less stress and higher morale compared with their office counterparts.

This is attributed to the removal of commuting, which has been cited as one of the leading causes of stress among employees. Not having to commute allowed them to feel more comfortable while working.

Remote workers also claim to feel more passionate about their jobs and mentioned that being out of the office gives them new perspectives about their work.

Getting to Know CommScope as a Company

Before focusing on the remote job opportunities at CommScope, I decided to focus first on the company itself, its services, and its roots. This global network infrastructure provider is based in Hickory, North Carolina.

CommScope - See Online Jobs Available
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CommScope designs and produces various network infrastructure products and is divided into four business segments, namely Home Networks, Outdoor Wireless Networks, Venue and Campus Networks, and Broadband Networks.

The company has a workforce of more than 30,000 employees all over the world and has clients in over 130 countries. 

It has been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange since October 25, 2013.

A Brief History of CommScope

Originally part of Superior Continental Cable as a product line, it became a division called Comm/Scope in 1961, which was in charge of developing CATV systems and selling a coaxial cable named CommScope.

CommScope was founded in August 1976 by Frank Drendel and Jearld Leonhardt after raising $5.1 million to buy the CommScope product line. It later merged with Valtech and was sold to M/A-COM and then to General Instrument Corporation.

It spun off as CommScope in 1997 and opened its current Hickory headquarters in 2000. It was acquired again by The Carlyle Group in 2011 before being sold in 2016.

Looking at CommScope as an Employer

As an organization, CommScope aims to establish a culture that values its employees’ unique perspectives and contributions. This is why it has a Diversity & Inclusion Business Network to help create a dynamic and inclusive workplace.

CommScope - See Online Jobs Available
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The company provides its workers comprehensive benefits, including healthcare, well-being, retirement, life and disability insurance, and vacation days and leaves of absence. However, specific benefits may vary per country.

While the company is in the telecoms industry, it offers career options for various professionals, including accounting and finance, engineering, information technology, sales, and supply chain and manufacturing.

Company Culture and Values

As part of the company’s culture, employees are expected to establish a genuine connection with their assigned work. CommScope places high value on integrity so workers demonstrate respect, honesty, and accountability.

Innovation with customer needs in mind is another company value because clients look to the firm as enablers of their success. Employees are also expected to challenge the status quo and seek continuous improvement.

Lastly, teamwork is something that CommScope places value on, and with its diverse workforce, it is able to harness different experiences and perspectives.

Flexibility Offered by CommScope

Recognizing the need for and effectiveness of flexibility among workers, CommScope came up with its own flexible work program to boost its employees’ productivity while increasing work-life balance.

CommScope - See Online Jobs Available
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It currently has three workplace types in place, namely office, flex, and virtual. Office refers to those who opt to work in the office five days a week while virtual is 100% remote. Flex is a hybrid of both.

A flexible work arrangement can be discussed with the manager based on the nature of one’s role in the company. I will discuss some of the remote opportunities available at CommScope.

Some Remote Work Opportunities at the Company

One of the remote roles at CommScope is the account sales manager position, which is responsible for selling company products and services and is expected to achieve the financial targets set by the firm.

Meanwhile, sales contracts administrators are tasked with remotely managing every stage of a channel/partner contract development, from initial draft to final version for approval.

Another remote job is the program compliance manager for SLED, which stands for State, Local, and Education. The position requires working with different departments for the implementation of the SLED program.

Exploring CommScope’s Hiring Process

After examining the careers page of CommScope, I discovered the steps you must take if you want to work at the company. The first thing to do is to get to know the company and decide if it’s a place you want to work for.

CommScope - See Online Jobs Available
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If you decide to pursue a career with the company, you may opt to join the CommScope Talent Network by signing up on the website. 

The next step is to search for a job opening that you think fits your skills and experience and send in an application.

It is quite easy to search for work on the company website as you can begin by choosing which career area you want to look at. You also have search tools at the top of the careers site and several filters you can use.

After Sending an Application

Once you’ve submitted an application, you will encounter the hiring team for the next stage which includes phone screening and the interview process. This is the stage where you can ask more about the company and the team you might work with.

If you get selected for the position you applied for, you will be notified by a recruiter. If you don’t hear back, you can always search for new job openings on the company website.

Successful applicants will meet a recruiter and coordinator for the pre-hire stage and will undergo onboarding once all necessary protocols and information are completed.


Overall, I recommend that anyone who is qualified for a position at CommScope should consider working at the company, especially if you are looking for a big-name company offering remote work arrangements. Not only does the firm take employee flexibility seriously, but it has also integrated it into its workflow.

I found its career website very informative both about the company and about what it expects from its employees. I feel that CommScope is a great company to work for and is very considerate about its workforce.