Three Types of Electricians

So you have decided to be one of the best Electricians’ in the industry, you have done your research on what you need to know and what to expect once you start practicing in such a profession in the field or the industry. But you need to be aware of the choices you have in the electrical industry, as it is divided in three main branches, and these are as follows:

  • Outside Lineman

These Electricians ensure proper distribution of electrical power from the power plant to consumers, ensures the electrical load is properly distributed from power generation facilities to end users (residential or commercial). Has the primary duty of properly installing and maintaining every power transmitters and distribution systems for all market (residential, commercial and industrial).


Some of the duties under an outside lineman’s umbrella are: installation and maintenance of transformers and other equipment, installation and maintenance of insulators, installation and maintenance of electrical distribution systems, installing and maintaining traffic lights and train signal lights, planning and initiating projects, supervise journey level Electricians and apprentices.

  • Inside Lineman

These Electricians are engaged with such responsibilities of ensuring that the works of an outside lineman gets distributed properly from the source (often called the drop line) to the clients’ electrical equipment. They are responsible in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of electrical equipment systems inside a property; such equipment that controls the operation of energy usage (residential, commercial or industrial).

Some of the duties under an inside lineman’s umbrella is: installation and maintenance of panel boards, installation and maintenance of conduits and power outlets, installation of power cables and control cables that runs to the conduits, installation of new wiring and or repairs on old wiring, working on temporary power distribution during construction stage, working on grounding system, installation of fire alarms, installation of security systems, installation of lighting and fixtures, installation and maintenance of telephony and data systems, troubleshooting electrical systems, supervise journey level Electricians and apprentices.

  • Low Voltage Technician

These Electricians work beside the inside lineman, assuring the proper installation of the network cabling and other low voltage cables or wiring such as the ones used in data, video, audio, voice and the low voltage wiring. They work side by side with an inside lineman because most of the wiring that they work on need to be installed prior the installation of air conditioning and heat insulators.

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