Tips On Making Your Website Easy To Browse

Nowadays, having your own company website is a must. Since the majority of people in Australia and the rest of the world are using the Internet, your website is now your best product brochure in cyberspace. For you to persuade your online visitors to click the ‘buy’ button, you need to make your site looks fantastic—and readable. Here are some ways to increase the readability of your website.

Choose the right colour combination – Colours play a crucial psychological role in your websites, so you should use them to your advantage. You should use a colour palette that matches that of your corporation. This move allows your brand to stick in the minds of your online visitors and customers. For best results, you must consult with a hired website design company like Oley Media Group to make sure your site gets the best impression.


Use easy-to-read fonts – The text is the heart of your website. Without the written content, your site will not be existing. As such you need to use fonts that are not only easy to read but also user-friendly. For screens like computer monitors and tablets, sans serif fonts are recommended. You can search a wide range of various typefaces on Google Fonts. Consult with your designer to make sure the font you’ve chosen is best for your website.

Use professionally captured photos – You can never attract customers if you use low-grade photos. In a world where even the smartphone with the lowest quality can already boast of taking high-definition photos, placing a low-resolution photo is a no-no. While you can download from websites such as Pixabay, Shutterstock, Getty, and iStock, experts recommend hiring photographers to capture the photos that resonate with your brand.

Add videos – Video content is fast becoming the most consumed content, thanks to YouTube and Vimeo. You can ask your hired web design company if they offer video production services. Many companies are now placing explainer videos, cinematography, and other short clips to increase the attractiveness of your website.


Mobile-first responsive design – As smartphones are becoming more popular, see to it that your website will look fantastic on mobile screen, just like on the desktop or laptop screens.