What to Stay and What to Throw in the Garbage

Moving to a new home can be stressful especially when it comes to selecting things that need to stay or need to go. It is important to know whether your appliances, clothes, furniture, and other belongings are appropriate to your new place. If your current place is bigger compare to the new house, it is better to sell your furniture and belongings so that it will not be a problem once you moved home.

Hiring a removals company can make everything easier for you. They can help you pack and carry things and also they have junk scrapping service for your old furniture. You can ask them if they can bring the scrap that you have to make your moving be light and in order. If you have belongings that they cannot take, ask them how to properly dispose it.


If you are not sure what item you need to throw or bring to your new home. Here are the tips from a professional removalist:

Electronic Devices

If you have an old computer, television, radio, speakers or other electronic devices, you can give it to the movers to make use of the wirings and important parts of the devices that might be okay. Also check your appliances, like your air conditioning unit and refrigerator.

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 Bathroom Equipment

The pipes, bathtubs, sinks and toilet can stay in your current home. These bathroom materials can be a hindrance in packing because it is so heavy and big. If you want, you can provide this to the removalist to make use of it.

 Metallic Item

Your furniture and cabinets that have steel or other metallic material, especially if it is in a good condition, can be an antique product and you can sell it to your friends or online.

You really need to identify whether you need to bring it on your new home, throw it to the garbage or sell your belonging. If you really want to bring back the money that you paid for some of your home items, you can have a garage sale. Plan this ahead of time so that you can divide your time in organizing your things.


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