Check Out These Amazing Business Travel Gadgets

Many who regularly travel for business, more than anyone, understand the importance of modern technology. Getting the right equipment at the right time will save hours of time and annoyance, or even bring a deal across the line that would otherwise have slipped by. 

Travelers on business are more tech-ready than they have ever been. A road warrior these days not only takes their phone and laptop with them on travels, but a whole host of other devices that satisfy all sorts of necessities.


An aspect of organization and planning comes with all business travel and so having the right travel gadgets at your fingertips will help you remain competitive. Some amazing travel gadgets you can bring to your next business trip are featured here. Read on to see them.

Check Out These Amazing Business Travel Gadgets
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Hootoo Wireless Travel Router

The Hootoo Wireless Router is one of those remarkable business travel gadgets that appear to be underpriced for what it does ($39.99). For business travelers, the two most important features are the 10,000mAh portable battery and the wireless hotspot. 

When your phone or other USB-powered gadget runs out of energy, simply plug it into the Hootoo and continue. It has enough ways to survive even with the longest day of travel.


Most laptops don’t have an Ethernet port at all these days, but the Hootoo does. Plug the cable in, and it will turn it into a wireless network (password-protected) to which you can connect any of your devices. 

If your hotel room, office, or workspace has a terrible Wi-Fi signal, the Hootoo can strengthen it and make it useful yet again. If you’re stuck with one of those extremely irritating networks that only allow you to connect one device at a time, this will also get around the problem.

Roost Laptop Stand

Ergonomics is a significant concern because hours spent hunched over laptops are sources for sore backs and other injuries caused by excessive usage. Having a portable office setup helps handle this problem, and if you do it right, it doesn’t have to be big, heavy, or expensive. 


Start with the Roost Laptop Stand ($89.95), a lightweight and compact stand capable of holding any laptop you’re likely to be using. This raises the screen to the same point as your head, with three different height levels, so you don’t crane your neck consistently.

The Roost weights below six ounces and folds down to little more than one inch wide. Despite its tiny stature, however, it keeps the laptop in place safely, with no chance of slipping or dropping out under regular usage.

Stenomask, Privacy Microphone

Check Out These Amazing Business Travel Gadgets
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In busy and crowded locations, such as airports and planes, this is perfect for making private phone calls or dictating voice notes, texts, or emails. 

By using this innovative microphone, anyone would not be able to overhear your voice. This also removes all of the background noise at the same time. 

Although in pocket-sized form, it functions just the same way as the world’s best sound booths, maintaining total voice privacy and a crystal-clear sound signal while suppressing all background noise at the same time. 

It is compatible with phones, tablets, and laptops. This has the best noise cancelation power available on the market today at $289.00 for any microphone device.

Bottom Line

In your busy, scheduled entrepreneurial life, what you need is to give yourself a rest, not one from pursuing business, but one from the little irritating glitches you’ll continuously encounter on the road. 

Often, you can get this done by having something that could come handy later, something like some of the amazing business travel gadgets mentioned above.