Discover the Verizon GizmoWatch for Kids

Today’s smartwatches may be mostly geared to adults, but that doesn’t mean children need to be left out entirely. Getting children started with some tech, and educating them on being responsible is something parents all want to try. 

It is essential to learn things other than just how to use a piece of technology, such as the communication etiquette in using such technology. And, a cellular-connected smartwatch is an excellent stepping stone towards learning those lessons.

Verizon has revealed a new addition to its lineup of children’s smartwatches: the Verizon GizmoWatch 2. This has the resources to help them learn accountability and conduct, while also getting some simple joys from using the watch. Read on to learn more about the GizmoWatch.

Discover the Verizon GizmoWatch for Kids
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Functions of the GizmoWatch

You want your kid to have fun while also having security in mind when it comes to smart device usage. These devices provide a great way to stay connected, and smart and controlled screen time allows children to experience a number of important benefits. 

But, knowing if they are ready for the next move isn’t always easy. Below are a few useful ways that the GizmoWatch will prepare your child for a safe and practical experience of being connected.

2-Way Voice Calls and Messaging

Teach your children how to talk and communicate responsibly while staying in charge of who they can reach. The GizmoWatch uses the same network as the 4G LTE smartphones from Verizon because reliability matters. 

Your kid can also send fun voice recordings, emojis, and even preset text messages through the GizmoHub app for Android and iOS for a fun and easy way to inform you they are all right.

Keep in touch when your child is in the park, attending after-school events, or spending time with their grandparents. And, with the ability to add contacts of up to ten peers, family members, and trusted caregivers, you’ll still know who your child is reaching out to.

Managed Screen Time

It’s important to stay in touch, but what if your child is in school, doing homework, or going to sleep? For those times that you’d rather have one less distraction for your child, you can turn off the GizmoWatch or change its settings through the GizmoHub app. 

Set the watch to Quiet Mode, or toggle on Auto-Answer so that after 10 seconds, your calls will automatically go through. Using the GizmoHub app’s monitoring features, you can remotely adjust settings and hopefully demonstrate to your child what use of their device is and isn’t appropriate.

Real-Time GPS

Discover the Verizon GizmoWatch for Kids
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You know as a parent that there’s nothing more critical than ensuring that your child’s secure. The next time they visit a friend’s house, or take a stroll down the street, make a quick check-in on your child’s GizmoWatch. 

The GizmoWatch promotes children’s independence while also enabling you to track their location on your phone, tablet, or connected device through the GizmoHub app. Give your children space for exploration while establishing healthy limits

By setting GPS parameters that can be modified, you can decide where and how far your child can go before triggering an automatic warning.


The GizmoWatch is a smartwatch for children, which gives them a sense of independence while providing peace of mind to parents. The watch is user friendly, and the features, including ringtones and customization options, are useful. 

The GizmoWatch is developed for children between the ages of 3 and 11, according to Verizon. It’s available for $129.99 now at the Verizon website. 

For your kid, it may be a big responsibility to own a smart device. But, the GizmoWatch provides your child with a fun and secure way to learn the ropes.