Japanese Supercomputer: The Fastest Computer in the World

Technology has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We are frequently updated with mesmerizing advancements in technology that are aimed at simplifying our lives. 

Ever since Charles Babbage developed the concept for the world’s first digital programming computer, there have been various upgrades to the prototype. One of these is the development of supercomputers


Recently, leading Japanese technology companies Fujitsu and Riken collaborated to develop the world’s faster supercomputer, Fugaku. Here is everything you need to know about this marvelous invention.

Japanese Supercomputer: The Fastest Computer in the World

What are Supercomputers?

By definition, supercomputers are high-performance devices that are primarily used for scientific or engineering purposes. These computers come in extremely handy when high-speed computation processes need to be conducted effectively.

Supercomputers can be used for a variety of purposes. These include analyzing complex mathematical models, studying the climate and weather predictions, researching nuclear weapons and reactors, and chemical compounds. 


Moreover, its applications have now expanded to aid governments in urban societal developments.

About the Fugaku Supercomputer

Based on ARM architecture, the Fugaku supercomputer has been optimized to deal with super-computing processes along with advanced technical and scientific simulations.

Furthermore, it comprises of over 150,000 high-processing CPUs that are interconnected to a high-speed network.


Additionally, the Fugaku Supercomputer has an energy-efficient performance, consuming merely 30Mw of electricity when operated at full power. 

In addition, the high-powered CPUs help the supercomputer to adopt a high bandwidth memory, thus improving its overall performance. 

Purpose of the Fugaku Supercomputer

After its development and successful completion of initial R&D trials, the first few racks of the Fugaku supercomputer were installed at RIKEN in December 2019. Since then, multiple racks have been added, and presently, it consists of close to 400 racks with 384 nodes. 

The Fugaku supercomputer is a multi-purpose device that can perform diverse functions. As of now, the supercomputer can deliver efficient energy, predict the weather and natural disasters. 

Moreover, the developers are constantly striving to expand its areas of application to manufacturing and other research projects.

Studying the Coronavirus

While the world is collectively dealing with the global health crisis of coronavirus, the Fugaku supercomputer is being used to aid research to combat this novel virus

The computer is being used to run simulations on how the droplets would spread in office spaces with partitions installed or packed trains with open windows. 

The Fugaku supercomputer was expected to start its complete operations in 2021. However, the developers have stated that finding solutions for the ongoing crisis is a good time to demonstrate the real-world applicability of this computer. 

Being Recognized as the Fastest Supercomputer

In a global convention organized on June 23, 2020, the Fugaku emerged as the fastest supercomputer in the world. It carried out 2.8 times more calculations in the stipulated time than the second-placed Summit, a supercomputer developed by renowned technology leaders, IBM. 

The Top 500 Supercomputers are named in a bi-annual global convention. And this is the first time in 11 years that a Japanese supercomputer has claimed the pedestal. Previously, the lead designs were majorly from either the US or China.

Apart from being the overall top computer, the Fukagu ranked first in several other super-computing performance lists as well, thus emerging as the first to simultaneously achieve this coveted feat in the Top500, HPCG, and HPL-AI lists. 

Japanese Supercomputer: The Fastest Computer in the World


Reading about phenomenal supercomputers such as the Fukagu may create an exciting sense of curiosity within you to study more about this unique device

The best place to study more about the applications and functioning of the Fukagu is to visit its official website. Additionally, you can also refer to YouTube videos for further reference.