Commercial Shade Sails: Advantages and Disadvantages

Shade sails are used for decades and they are still gaining popularity among business owners. This may be because some of them know about the advantages of owning one. Bellow you will read about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the shade sails.

There are so many advantages of using commercial shade sails Sydney, but the best are listed here.


The environmental benefits of using shade sails start from the sail’s production stage because they are made from recyclable materials and they reduce the need for new raw materials in the manufacturing process.

The shade sails provide good protection from the elements. Many people are likely to suffer from skin diseases or even skin cancer. The shade sails have been very helpful for those people and allow them to enjoy outside activities or even lounging in the verandas of cafeterias or restaurant without direct sun exposure. So the commercial shade sails are great for business.

The shade sails provide natural ventilation as well. Installing them on your property will provide extra ventilation and cooling. They will keep the sun from entering your establishment. Some of the shade sails are made of semi-permeable fabric so they can allow the circulation of cool air.


Also, they will enhance your property aesthetics. Because they can be found in various sizes and shapes it’s not difficult to choose one that can match or complement the property’s architectural line. It is a cost-effective way to beautify your commercial establishment. Shade sails will make a wonderful extension which can be installed in a matter of days not weeks like other architectural structures.

But despite all the benefits mentioned above, there are some disadvantages. If they are made from low-quality materials and fabrics, they will sag and droop, and there are two reasons for this. The first one is the accumulation of water and dirt. The second one is the improper installation of the commercial shade sails, so you must make sure that you consult an expert before the installation of the shade sail.

Shade sails need at least three or four anchor points. After a time the points where the shade sail is anchored may start to work loose and that is because of the heavy sail and the anchor points are unable to sustain the weight or the shade sail is not tight enough and the strong wind is making it rigging. When something like this happens, it is recommended to take down the shade sail to avoid any more damage and consult a specialist.


And the biggest disadvantage, when you buy a low-quality shade sail, is that they are prone to be destroyed after a few months.

In conclusion, commercial shade sails are making a great addition to any property, are easy to install and quite cheap. There are some disadvantages, but they can be easily avoided by buying high-quality commercial shade sails.