What College Cleaners Do

College cleaners are janitors who offer their services to colleges. They may be independent companies who supply cleaners on as per need basis or may be employed by the college itself and be part of the human resources. Either way school cleaner Sydney work to maintain the cleanliness and organisation of the residential spaces within the college and even other facilities such as meeting room, lounges and lawns.

Here are some of their tasks:

  • Indoor tasks include opening and locking some of the doors in the morning and at dismissal time. Cleaning the student’s rooms which include changing of beddings on a regular basis. They also clean the kitchen, scrub the sink and waxing the floor tiles and empty garbage bins as well as the bathroom and restock soap and paper products. Aside from this, specials indoor tasks also include cleaning air conditioning vents and steaming the carpets and curtains.
  • Outdoor tasks include mowing the lawn, trimming and watering the plants, sweeping the walkways and during the winter season, they are also the ones who shovel the snow and maintain walkways.
  • Professional cleaners are also tasked to attend meetings and training within the college appropriate for their line of work. They are often trained by their supervisor and are taught about the safety rules and regulations of the building as well as trained to use specialised equipment and machines for cleaning.
  • Sometimes they are given auxiliary tasks by the college depending on their skill level. They may be asked to do the students laundry or assigned to cook and plan the meals for the students. They may be also tasked to do repairs of the fittings and fixtures.

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College cleaners when not certified are not allowed to clean specialty rooms for chemistry, physics, and biology or other laboratory rooms. They are not the ones who do spot cleaning for chemical spills nor the ones who handle kilns or other toxic material. However, they can be trained to do so.

Surely this list of tasks can go on and on. College janitors do a lot to make our stay in the college comfortable. Thus we should treat them with the utmost respect and not take them for granted.