How to Find a Job as an IT Worker

Do you love technology and want to work in this field? If so, you could pursue a highly coveted job in the realm of information technology (IT).

Understandably, these types of jobs are typically highly paid, very rewarding, and extremely interesting and dynamic. As the tech industry is growing at an incredible rate, IT occupations are booming more than ever.


Let’s find out more about IT jobs, their requirements, and where you can find these jobs on online job search boards, and more.

Job and Education Requirements

The requirements depend on your desired job, but they mostly depend on a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or any related field.


However, most clients will be more concerned with the quality of your work than the stack of certificates you have.

Types of Jobs and Pay Rates

Cloud Computing Engineers

These engineers design, create, and maintain systems managed by cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Typically, you can work as a cloud architect, consultant, or product and project manager. A cloud engineer typically earns about $120,600 per year in the United States.


Information Technology Analyst

They are responsible for the design and implementation of organization technology.

They come up with solutions that collect and analyze market data, client information, and customer input. Their salary estimates are approximately $62,593 in the US.

Information Security Specialists

They are needed more and more due to the numerous security breaches, danger of identity theft, and current data protection legislation.

This job position requires the individual to help protect the organizational network and computer system.

Their tasks are broad, including using software, simulating cyberattacks, and testing the robustness and safety of the systems. The salary is estimated at approximately $71,000 per year.

Software or App Developers

These workers are perhaps more popular, as they are required to design and run different computer programs and applications, testing them for errors, and much more.

As a software or app developer, you need to create new software using strong programming skills.

You are usually expected to have a related bachelor’s degree or extensive experience, and the pay per year averages around $105,000.

Web Developers

Web Developers are responsible for designing, creating, and modifying websites. As a web developer, you are expected to maintain a user-friendly website that has all the necessary functionality to fulfill customers’ needs.

Some jobs in this field ask for a degree, while others go to such an extent that they require classes in JavaScript, HTML, and SQL. The average salary of a web developer in the US is $76,970 per year.

How to Find a Job as an IT Worker

There are a few tech websites to help you find a job as an IT worker, but the best ones remain quite general. For instance, Indeed is the world’s largest job site.

You can access Indeed Prime to find a tech-related job. Many of the leading companies in the industry use this platform to find the best talent.


Indeed is free for candidates, and you need to create a profile that will then be shared with employers. If they are interested in you, they will use your contact information to schedule the next steps.


StackOverflow is another popular website among developers. Initially, it was meant to facilitate information sharing and programming knowledge, but it now features a job board that offers IT jobs. It is certainly worth checking out.


Another highly effective networking and job platform is LinkedIn. Most hiring managers use this platform in order to find potential employees.

However, make sure your profile uses the correct keywords in order to show up when recruiters look for industry terms.


GitHub is a great choice when it comes to tech-related jobs. It is mostly focused on software development jobs, so you should check it out if this appeals to you.

You can either find jobs from all around the world, or you have the option to find a remote job so you can enjoy the comforts of working from home.


All in all, IT jobs are as appealing as they seem, and they are also very rewarding. However, make sure you develop your skills in order to remain relevant in today’s changing business landscape.

Share your best work and portfolios with your potential employers. Then, ensure maximum customer satisfaction for the jobs to keep coming!