How to Get a Job as an Uber Driver

Uber drivers enjoy lots of freedom compared to many other professionals. Among other perks, you can manage your own schedule, get paid as you work, and you can choose your own routes.

If you want to become an Uber driver, you must familiarize yourself with all the requirements and specifications necessary to qualify for the position.


Let’s learn everything you need to know to get a job as an Uber driver! We’ll go into job duties, job perks, and more.

1. Research the Profession

Research is crucial, just like in any other profession. It will provide you with all the necessary knowledge for success. The good news is, we’ve already done this part for you.


Uber requires its drivers to follow GPS instructions, respond timely, and ensure that the client is safe at all times while their satisfaction remains high.

You also need to be able to track maintenance, mileage, and other expenses related to your job. You will be using the Uber app, so you should be able to understand how it functions.

Another requirement to become an Uber driver is to create a friendly environment for your clients, organize yourself and your time, and keep a high rating on your Uber profile.


Skills Necessary

The main qualities and skills required to get a job as an Uber driver include the following.

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good overall fitness and health
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Observational skills
  • Knowledge of the routes in your area and able to use your own initiative if GPS fails (is not responding)
  • Strong character and authoritative
  • Ability to maintain a pleasant environment necessary for satisfied customers

When it comes to working hours, they are fully flexible as long as you make at least one trip per week and work for a maximum of 60 hours.

Uber Pay

In the US, the income you make as an Uber driver ranges from $9.21 to $21 per hour. You can get paid extra for taking shifts during busy driving times, and you also have the chance to make tips.

Use Uber’s official website’s pay estimate tool to get an estimate of your potential earnings in your area.

However, since you are basically self-employed, you need to make sure you have the necessary tax arrangements for your location.

2. Get the Qualifications

There are a few qualifications you need to obtain before getting a job as an Uber driver.

  • Have a private hire vehicle license
  • Be a minimum of 21 years old
  • No criminal background
  • The right to work in the country of residence
  • Background check
  • Full medical examination
  • Full, clean driving license with one year of driving in the country
  • The vehicle registration must be valid
  • Local map test of your chosen work area
  • A car that is no more than 5 years old, fitting more than 4 people, and has full insurance for business

If you have all the requirements above, all you need to do is sign up with Uber, and you’ll land your first job in no time.

If Uber accepts your application, you then need to attend an Uber Training seminar. This is quite easy, quick tests that involve practical questions. For instance, they will test what you will do if you need to move a passenger or if they fall asleep in the car.

3. Land Your First Job

Once you get to this point, you are ready for your first customer. You will be assigned a passenger if you are the closest driver to them.

Your phone will ping as soon as this happens and you have to accept the job. You will also have access to their name and location.

However, you will only know the end location once you accept the customer. Working with Uber does not get more complicated than this, which makes it a great job opportunity for many of us.

4. Develop Your Career

Being an Uber driver does not come with lots of promotion opportunities, but you can still earn more. You can have a higher income if you upgrade your car in order to meet luxury requirements.

If you plan to pursue this long-term, consider investing in a premium car, as it can increase your earning potential.


All in all, getting a job as an Uber driver is not that complicated. All you need to do is to make sure you have all paperwork required before signing up with them.

Then, it will take only a very short time to be accepted and finally get your first customer.