How to Create a Viral Video Blog

With the increased popularity of online promotional videos, we are seeing more and more corporate companies getting into video production with the aim of increasing their sales. As such promotional videos have grown in professionalism that you would easily confuse them for television promotions.

Video blogging is another promotional antic that is fast growing and for you to be successful, there is no doubt that your video production quality has to be near perfect of not perfect. Most companies are now venturing into video blogging, popularly referred to as blogging to always keep their existing and potential customers updated on all the latest events happening in their companies.


You don’t need to hire a team of professionals to do the video production for you. You can teach yourself all the tricks of the trade and once you have learned the ropes of blogging, you can go ahead and promote your product or service. Here are a few video production tips that will make your blogging turn viral.

  • The simple, the better

Blogging should be a very simple process so you are able to post new video productions on a regular basis. If you make it too complicated a process, you will not want to make it part of your routine and soon all the clients and potential clients who were following your blog will lose interest and stop doing it.

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  • What is your goal?

A good blog has a persona who most people can relate with. It is, however, important to note that not everyone is going to like your persona, but most importantly, a good part of your audience is really going to like your posts so tailor your videos to these people.

You need to make your brand the focal point of your videos so you redirect traffic back to it but this has to be done in a very clever and creative way.

  • Invest in good quality equipment for the production

Quality and professionalism are everything when it comes to making a good video that many people are going to enjoy. It is, therefore, important to invest in a very good camera and good lighting, not forgetting a microphone. You definitely don’t want a video that has a lot of background noise or echoes.


Conduct a little research and look at some of the individuals as well as companies who have the most successful blogs and find out what it is they are doing right.