Making Your Own Carports

As discussed and stated in a previous article, horses are for barns, but a car is not a horse. This is the primary reason as to why Carports were made.

If you have the skills and knowledge, have that patient virtue, and a DIY buff. You can either go browse the Internet to get an idea as to how these are structured and designed or go out within your vicinity to find custom carports Melbourne to inspect it and get a better grasp on how to make your own.


Carports if you see it as how others do; it is like a big tent or a canopy. From there, you would pretty much get an idea what it is you need and how to start your build. You can try looking for materials from scrapyards, surplus shops or should you opt for brand new materials, you may go to your local hardware or construction supply, depot shops or warehouses, or a DIY center.

What it is you may need? A few possible are as follows:

You may opt to go for used wood taken from old houses, often found in scrapyards and surplus shops, which will serve as the frame or posts to build this structure. Same goes with the trusses and pillars which will solidify the frame of your Carports. It’s best that you use nuts and bolts to secure frame joints and the pillars. As for the frame posts, make all possible move to secure it to the ground or base. It being an outdoor structure, susceptible to all weather condition; and climate abuse and other factors, it is best to make a good foundation of your build.


You may choose from vinyl, canvas, steel or polycarbonate roofing. Added insulation in between roofing and pillars could be added should you opt to put one. These would depend on your working budget. Remember that it’s best to plan before moving on to build your project without considering all possible aspects of the Carports project.

All these aspects and considerations stated, do you think you got what it takes to start such a build or project; Knowing that it’s not a simple task that you can finish in a day of work? Else, you can go to any DIY center or shop and look for a build it yourself Carports kit. Often ready to build with instructions or at the least, possibly may come with install service.