Various Types Of Containers That You Will Find

Lots of companies at this present time offer container hire services for their clients. These clients, both business organizations and even homeowners, usually lease certain containers in order to store or transport certain items from one location to another. These items may be merchandise that they need to sell or personal belongings that they need to move.

Depending on the items that the clients will put inside them, they usually need specific types of containers in order for the move and transport to happen. There are various types of containers that are available for the clients to use, depending on their particular needs. Here are some of these types that you will find when engaging the container hire services of certain companies.


Dry Container

A dry container is used for general cargo purposes. In this case, a homeowner can use this type of container to store or transport pieces of furniture, clothes, and other stuff that he has at home. A business organization can also use this to ship out dry merchandise such as toys and dry goods. The opening of this container is usually located on one side and is locked from the outside.

Flat Rack Container

A flat rack container is often used by specific business organizations, such as a construction firm. This type of container is capable of transporting or handling heavy loads and over sized cargo. Aside from that, it can also handle heavy machinery, building supplies, and construction equipment. If you have such business needs, then, you should go with a flat rack container.

Open-Top Container

If you will need to transport over-height cargo, then, an open-top container will be the best container that fits your needs. Aside from that, it also has the capability to handling top loading. Some of the examples of such cargo are construction materials, pre-built homes and big machines.


Ventilated Container

You will also find a ventilated type of container. This kind of container is typically used to transport cargo that needs enough ventilation. An example of such cargo is green coffee beans. In most cases, companies that handle coffee bean production are the ones who lease this type of container.

Refrigerated Container

A refrigerated type of container is used by clients who need to transport cargo where the temperatures need to be regulated. Examples of these cargoes are polymers, lacquers, liquid crystals, and others. These cargoes typically change in content and lose their proper use when there temperatures are not regulated for a long time. Additionally, you will also need this kind of container when delivering perishable goods.

Tank Container

One will need a tank container if there is a need to transport food stuff, chemicals, or oil. This kind of container is typically durable which ensures a client like you that the items inside will not spill out.


For every kind of cargo that you need to transport, there is indeed a specific type of container that fits the job. All you need to do is identify such cargo. Afterwards, you need to look for the best container hire Sydney service provider that will do it.