These Tech Tips Will Help You Work More Efficiently

According to recent stats, it is becoming more and more challenging to increase overall team performance in the workplace.

As you can probably guess, low productivity hurts businesses in terms of revenue, employee engagement, and quality of work. The good news is that there are many ways in which companies can influence and reinvigorate their productivity. 


 In this post, we’ll delve into how application software, artificial intelligence, and plugins fulfill business efficiency needs. Here are some technology-related tips you can use to increase your productivity at work.

These Tech Tips Will Help You Work More Efficiently
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Enable Collaboration Tools 

Collaboration is essential for an efficient workplace. With the abundance of free software, such as Google’s cloud-based product suite, workers operating from remote locations can now conveniently collaborate and exchange documents. 

Custom cloud solutions offer more robust solutions for sensitive data, with greater security. Unified Communications (UC) systems help facilitate different forms of communication. Choose from a phone call, an instant message, a conference session, or a video chat.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce, Zoho, or Insightly, allow the sales team to save time by keeping track of a prospect’s status through one shared location. 

Such approaches improve continuity in relationships with clients, which enhances efficiency and profitability.

Virtualize Your Operating System 

Extend an older desktop computers’ lifespan by virtualizing the operating systems on offsite servers. 


Virtualization reduces the expense of system maintenance and capital investment, by reducing the frequency of upgrades and saving on service maintenance costs. 

If you already have a virtualized environment, add a phone system too. During a power outage, accessing a virtual copy of your network will quickly get your team back up and running.

Add a Buffer Extension

Buffer is a great programming tool for your social media posts.

If you have read some of the web content you would like to share on social media, then there are a few options. You can use sharing buttons on the web page and click to share it multiple times on each platform. 

You can also click the buffer icon once and share it throughout the different platforms. Many people prefer the second option as it gives them the ability to share content with on simple click. 

Familiarize Common Shortcuts

By employing several keyboard shortcuts, you will save a lot of time. For example, hitting “Ctrl + S” on your keyboard is faster than using your mouse to find the drop-down menu “save” button. 

With a seemingly endless list of available keyboard shortcuts, finding and remembering the best shortcuts can be a challenge. 

Take a look at the shortcuts below to improve machine performance. 

Mac Shortcuts

  • Print: Control (Ctrl) + P; Command (⌘) + P
  • Copy: Ctrl + C; ⌘ + C
  • Paste: Ctrl + V; ⌘ + V
  • Save: Ctrl + S; ⌘ + S
  • Open new window: Ctrl + N; ⌘ + N
  • Open new tabs: Ctrl + T; ⌘ + T

Windows Shortcuts

  • Hide windows: Windows key + M; ⌘ + Option + H + M
  • Screen shot: Windows key + Print Screen (or Windows key + Ctrl + Print Screen on older PCs); ⌘ + Shift + 3
  • Force quit an application: Ctrl + Alt + Esc to open Task Manager; ⌘ + Option + Esc.
  • Search: Windows key + S; ⌘ + Space

Be Reachable and Organized

Ensure that remote workers are well equipped with updated mobile devices and support systems to keep them connected. A missed call can mean a missed opportunity.

Invest in a UC business telephone system so you can profit from the features that keep you connected. Voicemail to email, find-me-follow-me, softphones, and work caller ID, are all features that ensure workers never miss an opportunity.

One can waste countless hours looking for information stored in vast data sets via spreadsheets, some of which can only be accessed via a desktop. Investing in a database system that allows workers to quickly add and view data lets inefficiencies pay for themselves. For example, a cloud-based time tracking software like ClickTime allows on-the-road employees to keep track of their hours, mileage, and expenses, in one simple location. 


These Tech Tips Will Help You Work More Efficiently
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These tips will help you get organized at work and lead to a more efficient workplace. Therefore, you should begin implementing these tech tips today in order to start seeing results!