Control Multiple Computers at Once With Sharemouse

What would you prefer – a multiple monitor set-up or a multiple computer set-up? Well, preferences may vary, but rather than juggling too many mice and keyboards all at the same time, wouldn’t it be great if you could control multiple computers all at once?

An obvious, yes! But how do you achieve that? Preferences are split in two – some computer geeks prefer hardware like KVM switch to manage multiple devices, whereas some prefer software like Sharemouse that can also help achieve the same feat, but better.


Specialized software like Sharemouse, gives you seamless movement between computers by just moving the cursor off the edge. Read this guide to learn all about Sharemouse and how to manage your work using one mouse and one keyboard. 

Control Multiple Computers at Once With Sharemouse


Unlike Synergy that is complicated to set-up, ShareMouse takes seconds to get up and running. It automatically spots the other machines running ShareMouse on the same network, and makes it a cake-walk to drag and drop, and carry out any work between the screens.

 This feature eliminates the need to set-up or the use of exchange keys at all and has helped the software garner popularity. 


However, if you feel this feature might compromise your security, you can also configure keys to protect information. Plus, Sharemouse comes in a portable version and works on both Mac OS Xs and Windows PCs, which is another mind-blowing feature.


Sharemouse, hits a home run when it comes to the overall responsiveness of such KVM software. Sharemouse pulls of fluid mouse movement, and there is no keyboard delay even when you use it on your average Wi-Fi connection. You can check out the demo of the software here.

Features of Sharemouse

As the name suggests, we know that Sharemouse helps you control all your computers on one desk with a single mouse and keyboard. However, there’s more to it. You get to share your files across computers using the drag-and-drop file sharing and clipboard sharing feature.


With the drag and drop feature, you can select one file from one computer, and then drag it over to the other computer. However, the next question would be – can I copy a multi-gigabyte file?

Well, that’s not possible, but it works like a charm for texts, images, and smaller files. Moreover, Sharemouse also keeps your clipboard contents in sync. 

However, you need to enable it beforehand. On a brighter note, Sharemouse can definitely help you declutter your desktop screen to your liking. 

Sharemouse can automatically dim any inactive screens but if you wish, you can disable that too. In addition, you’ll also find some options like a panic key, a quick switch keyboard shortcut, and many such interesting choices when you open the program’s preferences.

Cost of Sharemouse

Sharemouse is not free for power users but comes handy for personal users who wish to use it only on a maximum of two computer screens. It is available in a standard and professional version at a negligible cost for a life-time. 

In the case of the professional version, it can be used on a maximum of nine computers and four screens while for the standard version it is available for just two computers and one screen. 

Moreover, you get the software license itself and also maintenance which includes all updates and any major new version without additional cost. Once the maintenance version expires it can be purchased again at a discounted price. 

Control Multiple Computers at Once With Sharemouse

The Bottom Line

Sharemouse is a great addition if you are a power user and it comes handy if you are looking to control multiple PCs or Macs with a single keyboard and mouse combination. In addition, it is not only easier to set up but incredibly responsive too. So, just get the Sharemouse software and make your work-life easier.