Uncubed – Search for a Job

Since a very young age, I was interested in computers and technologies and therefore had decided I would pursue a career in IT. However, it was after graduation when I realized a tech career was not so simple and took a lot more than just a degree.

That is when a friend told me about Uncubed – an outstanding platform that provides users with all the resources required to find and succeed in a tech career.


Today, I will talk about Uncubed in detail, so fresh graduates who wish to pursue a tech career will not suffer from problems like I did. Read on!

  • All About Uncubed
  • Employer Branding Services
  • Job Board for Job Seekers
  • Search for Jobs Based on Your Comfort
  • Uncubed’s Finalist Network
  • Uplift Your Tech Career
  • Why Brands Choose Uncubed
Uncubed - Search for a Job
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All About Uncubed

Uncubed is one of the world’s most powerful and exclusive recruiting platform for tech businesses. The platform puts together the power of high-quality videos and its massive community of tech-driven candidates to present the best candidates to innovative global tech companies.

Uncubed - Search for a Job
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Uncubed is basically the modern version of the traditional job fair idea. The platform gathers hiring startups, already established companies, and talented minds in the tech world to help qualified candidates find work in the tech industry.


In fact, multinational companies and brands like Amazon, IBM, United Technologies, Netflix, WeWork, Guardian, and many others trust Uncubed to help them attract worthy talent from around the world.

Uncubed allows companies to connect with digital talent via their job boards. Also known as Uncubed Delivery – the board is a high-tech talent curation and placement service that delivers top-notch candidates to the most innovative companies.

Talent Acquisition

Uncubed provides services for companies or employers, such as talent acquisition and employer branding. Talent acquisition involves the process of finding and hiring skilled workers to meet the needs and objectives of a company.


Usually performed by the HR team, talent acquisition requires a set of skills including identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring eligible candidates for an open position within the organization.

Uncubed focuses on strategic and long-term human resource planning to find the right candidates with the required set of skills.

Employer Branding Services

Employer branding is basically an employer’s reputation as a place to work. It is what employees think of an institution while working for them, and the impression of the company being given off for job seekers considering employment there.

Uncubed - Search for a Job
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Employer branding involves showcasing an organization’s unique cultural differentiators and then working to amplify them to place the company as a top place to work.

In-House Video Studio

Uncubed’s in-house video studio produces persuasive visual employer branding stories for its clients. I could find their employer branding content across the recruiting channels of Uncubed’s clients.

From flourishing startups to the Fortune 100 companies, Uncubed has a client base of numerous multinational tech companies.

Job Board for Job Seekers

If you’re seeking employment in the tech sector, Uncubed is definitely the place to start your search.

Uncubed - Search for a Job
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Uncubed offers numerous opportunities and insights with the help of its job boards, events, and video content. Hundreds of jobs are listed from companies worldwide that want to fill their vacant posts.

From human resources consultant and junior DevOps engineer to senior software test engineer and production technicians, there are a multitude of jobs one can look into and apply for. You can also search for remote jobs.

Finding a job through Uncubed was very easy thanks to the company’s user-friendly official website. The platform allowed me to find a job according to my qualifications and requirements.

The Job Board

The first thing I was required to do was visit Uncubed’s website on my browser. Once on the website, on top of the page, there is an Advice & Resources tab, click on it to find the Job Board option. When the job board page opens up, I found a total of 43,135 listed jobs.

Uncubed’s job board features detailed descriptions of jobs alongside information about the company which helps me to better understand the company that I will potentially be working for.

Search for Jobs Based on Your Comfort

Another great thing about Uncubed is that it allows you to search for jobs according to your qualifications and the area you want to work in. Uncubed’s job board has two search bars. 

Uncubed - Search for a Job
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One lets you search by job titles, company names, or other keywords about the job. On the other search bar, you can search for jobs according to the city or state.

Once the details were given, it showed me the jobs based on those specific job filters, helping me to narrow down my options and find something that is the right fit for me.

Job Recommendations

Once signed up, I started to receive job recommendations. All I needed to do was inform the site about the career field I wanted to work in, my desired location, and my experience in that particular career field.

Uncubed would then notify me about the latest job listings, and recommend me jobs based on the details I submitted.

Similar to searching for jobs, I found that applying for jobs was also equally easy. Once I found the job that I preferred, I simply clicked on the Apply tab, which was right next to the job description section.

Uncubed’s Finalist Network

Finalist is Uncubed’s exclusive talent network for proficient students at state, public, and diversity-focused private colleges and universities. The diligent Uncubed’s team provides this talent with not only expert career advice but also job and internship opportunities.

Uncubed - Search for a Job
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To join, I had to submit an online application and provide Uncubed with my professional experience which included my updated resume, LinkedIn URL (optional), desired career field and experience, current or recent employer, and my role in the organization.

The next stop was the Education section, where I had to type all my education details. Finally the Personal Information section where I added my full name, email address, current address, contact number, and work location, among others.

Filling out the application form only takes a few minutes, and I received approval notification within 72 hours of submission.

Uplift Your Tech Career

Once approved, I was able to apply for any jobs on Uncubed’s job boards. Additionally, I also started receiving exclusive resources that could help increase my career IQ and gradually uplift my career.

Uncubed - Search for a Job
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From emails and articles to video content and virtual events – Uncubed’s resources are extremely helpful for career growth and landing new opportunities.

Job Updates

Once I was an Uncubed Finalist, Uncubed itself matched me with exciting jobs and internship programs based upon my profile. With just a few clicks, I was fast-tracked for job opportunities that I could have never find elsewhere.

Uncubed features its very own dashboard, a place where I can manage my Uncubed account.

I also get updates and reports about jobs that I have applied for, job alerts, saved jobs, and update my profile as well. Also, Uncubed puts records of all the videos that I had watched from the beginning.

Why Brands Choose Uncubed

Uncubed is used by huge multinational tech companies because it provides a focused audience base when it comes to video content.

Uncubed - Search for a Job
Image Source: Uncubed

There are multiple video content platforms like YouTube where the brands can upload their powerful video content.

However, such a platform does not provide the actual audience who should be looking for those contents and articles. That is when Uncubed steps in and allows the brands to find their proper audience.

Posting Videos

Also, Uncubed helps companies to post their jobs alongside their videos and find the right candidates for the job. Uncubed states that up to 35% of its viewers tend to apply for a job after watching a video.

Whether it is a big organization like IBM or relatively newer or smaller startups, Uncubed organizes a video-led program that allows the company to hire the best employees for the team.

Additionally, Uncubed also looks through and inspects each and every resume to find a diverse group of experienced tech professionals. The Uncubed team is easy to reach via email at team@uncubed.com.

The Bottom Line

As a closure statement, what I would like to say is Uncubed helped me land my very first tech job. And, with its extraordinary features and amazingly easy-to-use interface, Uncubed tops my expectations every time – from when I was looking for my first job, to now that I am looking for a change.

Uncubed provides me with a multitude of job options from a wide range of top-class employers and provides sound advice and opportunities for students and graduates to get their foot in the door and start their tech careers.