Woolmark Learning Centre – How To Study Online

You can learn everything there is to know about wool with Woolmark Learning Centre.

To learn more about wool at no cost is a dream come true for many people. It’s easy to enroll in the course of your choice and learn about farms, fashion, and engineering


From textile and science to design and fashion, Woolmark Learning Centre offers you the ability to learn about everything related to wool. 

  • The Woolmark Company
  • Key Features Of The Learning Centre
  • Teacher Resources
  • Interactive Learning Process
  • Getting Started
  • Set A Strong Password And Look At The Terms And Conditions
  • Wool Appreciation Course
Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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The Woolmark Company

The Woolmark Company is a non-profit organization based in Australia that works to research, develop, and certify Australian wool. The company has a history of more than 50 years of educating and supporting the global wool industry. 

Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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Woolmark today is more than just a brand. Instead, it represents a commitment between the woolgrowers, brands, and consumers towards the wools’ authenticity and quality. 


It works alongside 60,000 Australian woolgrowers to guarantee the quality of the wool fiber and unite the entire supply chain. 

The Woolmark brand provides customers with the assurance of fiber content and quality. The Woolmark logo, the world’s most recognized textile fiber brand, is a symbol that indicates that the product contains 50% to 99.9% new wool and meets a range of performance measures. 

About The Woolmark Learning Centre

The Woolmark Learning Centre is a free digital platform launched by the Woolmark Company. The learning center enables the transfer of wool knowledge that empowers and inspires the entire global wool industry. 


The online portal is one fantastic development that aims to educate all the stakeholders of the global wool industry – from woolgrowers and textile engineers to design students and wool traders, wholesalers, and retailers. 

The learning portal is developed by industry experts who have contributed their unique know-how and expertise to create industry-leading course content. The platform’s contents mainly revolve around key subjects like fashion and trends, science and technology, sustainability, and innovation.

Key Features Of The Learning Centre

Developed by the experts, the digital platform is equipped with some intuitive features. Below, I have explained some of the features that I have found beneficial. 

Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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A major question I asked myself when starting was, are these courses even legit? However, while doing some research, I realized that all the Woolmark Learning Centre’s courses were Credly certified. 

For your information, let me tell you that Credly is an internationally recognized issuer and moderator of digital badges. The badged coursework provides the learners with the ability to promote and acknowledge their excellence in the wool industry. 

Once the accreditation was gained, I shared the Credly badges on social platforms and demonstrated them on my digital portfolios. 

Track Your Progress

The learning center allows me to track my progress in real-time. First, they provide me with a note of what exactly I am learning now. Then, they provide me with the next content based on my progress so far. 

The track progress feature allows me to learn at my own pace – I can go back to the lesson that I do not understand and repeat them several times. This gives me the time to fully understand each and every lesson. 

Teacher Resources

The courses are credited by Credly badges, as mentioned earlier, which is a great brownie point. The cherry on the cake is the fact that the faculty members are experienced and well-trained to encompass knowledge, outcomes, practicality, and demonstrations into considerations. 

Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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Moreover, teachers also enjoy the accessibility of classes, notes, and resources. This contributes tremendously to create a planned step-by-step learning approach for the students. 

Shareable Contents

The Woolmark Company believes that educating everyone is a key strategic pillar to develop the global wool industry. Therefore the non-profit organization has incorporated this amazing feature of shareable content. 

All the course contents in the Woolmark Learning Centre are fully shareable so that when you like the content and find them beneficial, you can share them with one simple click. 

The contents can be shared on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or they can also be shared via email. 

Interactive Learning Process

At Woolmark Learning Centre, creators understand that every student has different learning capabilities. Therefore all the content is made such that they are layered and interactive. 

Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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Learners can interact with each other and learn from each other, which is an effective way of learning. 

Free To Access Contents

All the content on the digital platform is free of cost. So the courses are just going to cost the learner their time to get a better understanding of the global wool industry finally. 

Additionally, the coursework has been developed for seamless integration into the learners’ activities. These course works include demonstrations, detailed analysis, course outcomes, and much more. 

Getting Started

As per my experience, getting started with the Woolmark Learning Centre is pretty straightforward. There is not much hustle with that – the first thing you have got to do is head to the Woolmark Learning Centre’s official registration page

Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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Once you are on the page, you will be allowed to choose between learner and facilitator. Since I came to the center to learn about the wool industry, I selected the learner option.

The Registration Process

To register and gain access to the Woolmark Learning Centre and all of its content and resources, you have to fill out the form shown on the registration page. I filled it out with my first and last name, email address, country, and education level. 

The site also asked me about how I heard about the Woolmark Learning Centre. Next, I was also asked why I was interested in the wool industry. There were options such as sportswear, fiber and textile innovation, wool processing and manufacturing, sustainability, branding and certification, and whatnot. 

You can choose any topic you want to learn about. 

Set A Strong Password And Look At The Terms And Conditions

For a secure account, users are required to set a strong passcode. The website makes it mandatory to set a password containing 8 to 20 characters. It should include at least one capital letter, one number, and one special character. 

Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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Also, you will have to agree to certain terms and conditions. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to The Woolmark Company sharing your details with its third-party Credly. 

The agreement is necessary to receive digital completion badges issued by Credly. Also, you will be receiving additional communications from the company, which include course and resource updates. 

Currently Available Courses

The Woolmark Learning Centre provides several courses that contribute to learning about the global wool industry. Below, I have explained a few of these courses that I have been learning about. 

Wool Appreciation Course

I began my time at the Woolmark Learning Centre with the Wool Appreciation Course. This is an in-depth introduction to wool science – it provides a solid framework of knowledge about wool, its quality, the production work, and the benefits of wool fiber. 

Woolmark Learning Centre - How To Study Online
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The course details the manufacturing of wool, exciting the fiber and innovating the fabrics within the wool industry. By the end of this 3-hour long and 15-module course, I acquired functional knowledge and skills regarding sourcing, manufacturing, using, and caring for the wool. 

This particular course aims to facilitate the successful election, management, and application of wool fiber. This will give you an excellent overview of the wool manufacturing process, and it is a great course to start with. 

Another course that I took was the Introduction to Wool Processing course. Now, this course is designed to introduce the learners to wool, wool processing, and wool products. 

Introduction To Wool Processing

First, I explored the source of wool, which is the sheep, and several harvesting processes, including shearing, classing, baling, and transferring. The course also summarizes the quality assurance processes of wool and woolen products and highlights some of the latest product innovations. 

This course covers a major portion of wool processing, from manufacturing the yarn through woolen and worsted processing systems to producing knitted and woven wool textiles and products. However, despite having extensive learning material, the approximate completion period of the course is just 5.5 hours and has just 7 modules. 

These are the two courses offered by the Woolmark Learning Centre, through which beginners might begin the learning process. Besides these introductory courses, there are also programs relating to wool fiber science, wool fabric finishing, dyeing of wool, raw wool scouring, and much more.  

The Bottom Line

All in all, I liked and found the concept of Woolmark Learning Centre helpful, which is to educate everyone around the world about several areas of the global woolen market. And, the best part is that it is structured to facilitate several classes of learners, including fundamentals, beginner, and degree holders.